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for Rescuing House

3/27/2014 c12 Girlfromdk
oie mate, this is hard to read, you need to split this up.
2/9/2014 c11 Cowenlis
Don't know why... But i love this story:)
1/31/2014 c11 9HOUSEocdfan
Wow! I usually passover House with men stories unless I can squint through it, but this is totally different, its intriguing, exciting and I just want to read more. Please update quickly as I cant wait for the next instalment. Thanks
1/31/2014 c11 34Brighid45
This is a great overview of accoutrements, how they're used and why. Most people think bondage is about power and control, but they don't understand the real dynamics-the use of restraint to teach the art of self-discipline and true mastery for both dom and sub, and also to heighten pleasure for the participants through stimulation, sensory deprivation, anticipation, and so on. House is new to all this, so of course he's fearful and anxious. He is also an adult with (IMO) a childhood history of abuse and resulting severe trust issues. I suspect it's going to take all the skill both Marius and Lucius have to ease House's fear and distrust, but it'll be an excellent learning opportunity for all of them. Great chapter, I really enjoyed this (and the visual images this created-lovely!).
1/30/2014 c7 Me
It was interesting at first, but now i think it's sick! Well forget it, you're doing well, i just think i'm not prepared for bdsm like this yet. Ignore me, i just really needed to externalize how weird I'm feeling now...
1/30/2014 c11 Girlfromdk
Hmm things are heating up in Marius's house of pain. Lucius already know House so well, and knows his defiant nature will put Marius skills and patience to the test.
Looking forward to see how they deal with House on that matter and how House will deal with these big changes in his life. Will be fun to see how he can keep it a secret from his workplace or if he even cares if they would find out.
House fears pain, he have lives so long in this relentless prison of pain caused by the infarction making him lonely and miserable. Marius and Lucius have their work cut out from them.
Well Dr. House, in for a penny in for a pound.
Looking forward to next chapter.
1/30/2014 c11 limptulip
I was just thinking about this story the other day. Thanks for the update. House's fears are honest.
1/9/2014 c10 3ViolettBlack
Please continue writing this fanfiction!
11/16/2013 c10 34Brighid45
I love the progression here, from allowing House to go at his own pace, to House's natural curiosity and need to analyze getting the better of him, to bring him into a new life. I loved the entire scene with Marius and House, but when House talks about carrying a big weight his entire life and putting it down for a while, that brought tears to my eyes. Making love, in whatever form it takes, does exactly that. And no one deserves to be relieved of that undeserved burden than House. Marius and Lucius are trustworthy and understanding teachers and partners for helping House release that burden forever. And I have to admit, the mental image of House wearing gear was absolutely delightful. :) Excellent, beautiful chapter.
11/15/2013 c10 Girlfromdk
Strong chapter. This was a huge step for House to put so much trust in another person.
It's cool that House is keen on trying out some of the toys, and Timmy's insight on his choice of toys was pretty good.
House have been in pain for so long pretty much abandon by all, now he have found Marius that will protect and give him the affection he so desperately longs for.
Both Marius and Lucius to have alot of money and power and it's nice to know that House no longer have to fight his battles alone.
I'm certain both Marius and House is going to have alot of fun when House starts to misbehave, and tryes to test the boundaries on this new relationsship.
11/3/2013 c9 Brighid45
Nice display of power here-the right kind of power, open to communication and willing to build trust and affection, even love. Lucius lets his subs know he's in charge, but he also allows them to be themselves and treats them with respect. Nicely done, and it's so good to see House with people who genuinely care about him and will take good care of him. Excellent chapter.
10/30/2013 c9 Girlfromdk
This story is very different from what I normaly read, but I like it.
Giving up control is the hardest thing you can ask from House. His shitty dad and the betrayal from Stacy have destroyed this trust in other ppl.
That pain and shame runs deep and I hope Marcus will help him overcome this.
Update soon, cant wait for nexy chaper.
10/24/2013 c8 yuiop
10/24/2013 c6 yuiop
10/24/2013 c5 yuiop
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