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3/18/2018 c11 isa125m
hey, this story is good, I hope you keep writing. I really like your take on Melman.
3/7/2018 c1 black
know that I read it
3/7/2018 c11 grtttytytgth
waiting for Chapter 12!
3/6/2018 c11 M
This is a really interesting story, I like how you write Melman, I hope you continue this story.
1/7/2017 c9 Madagascarfan
Wow this was really interesting! Im so glad you updated i was looking forward to reading this and was not disappointed. Hope to see more chapters soon
1/7/2017 c9 Anonymous
Once again you never cease to amaze me. This was very intriguing i like the way you write deep into Melmans past. It interests me immensely. The grammar was very good. I think the way you are writing these chapters are piecing together very well. Im excited to read the next chapter.
1/2/2017 c8 Anonymous
Wow. Just wow. That was a fantastic read! You really outdone yourself on this chapter. The grammar was also excellent.
It was interensting to read this from melman's point of view especially since he couldn't see. I agree with you on your theory.
Melman had to have confessed at another point in time. It make's sense because of their uncertain situation. He doesnt know if he ever will see her again. Im very excited for the next chapter i trust you'll do a great job on it.
11/22/2016 c7 2Plain Jane Pixie
This was a great chapter! I love how we get to see into Melman's psyche and I can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter.

I'm really happy you were able to update this. (: This is a really good story with fantastic grammar and gripping dialogue. This might be the best story I've ever read from the Madagascar archives. And I mean that!

Really? A Madagascar Four? It sounds great but I just don't know what else they could do with it after all of the stories they've told already.

Anyway, please continue whenever you can. (;
11/11/2016 c7 Guest
That chapter was amazing im so happy you returned to this story i really hope you write more im really eager to read the next one
9/18/2016 c6 Guest
This is some of the best writing I ever read! Seriously, this story is so amazing and I'm glad I can find a special gem like this in the archives ;). That beginning...sad! I can't even imagine if the scene played out like that..so heartbroken. AHHH! I love Gloria and Melman so much!

I would love to see more on how you would write out the movie from Melman's perspective. That will be very interesting and funny if you do :)

Number 99 reason why I love this story: I absolutely adore how you write Melman's internal voice and character. It matches so well and manages to be so humorous and fitting like him constantly fearing being out of his comfort zone because of diseases. There's so much about his character to explore and you did such an amazing, perfect job so far. His awkwardness, past backstory, crush on Gloria and insecurities...your writing is genius.
9/18/2016 c5 Guest
Oooh winter...beware the pathogens, Melman! Lol!

Anyway, I loved the really cute and fun atmosphere of this chapter. The pacing is relaxing and I love how you write the chemistry between the four. Melman helping Gloria out was the most adorable thing ever. I imagine them doing this when it's snowy with the mischievous pair of Marty and Alex always initiating it. Melman having fun and being happy was awesome to read. The friendship of Gloria and Melman is just so touching and too cute. This story is amazing fun. :)
9/18/2016 c4 Guest
I really loved how you write the dynamics of each of their relationships! I'd imagine Gloria and Melman being very close considering how Marty and Alex are best friends. Early in the chapter, there was already built-up tension between Melman and Alex. I can sense Melman's feelings for Gloria are growing stronger! It explains Melman's resentment for Alex, at first. And the little tidbit to Madagascar 2! I loved how you tied that in! I thought the 'keep me going' speech in that movie was so romantic and awesome. It developed Melman's character nicely. That was awesome how you included that it since it wasn't explained in the movie.

Melman and Alex's contrasting personalities are written really well here! I love how it is resolved and Melman becomes aware of his attitude. This is also fitting for their characterization and Melman's development! I love your style of writing the plot. It's marvelous.
9/18/2016 c3 Guest
The addition of Alakay! Haha, I love how you wrote the three's reaction to him! Very funny how Gloria is smitten by Alex lol! Very in-character for shy, sensitive Melman and wisecracker Marty. And Melman's jealousy of Alex...aww lol! His little crush and insecurity was explored very great here! Poor Melman :)
That was also cute how Marty comforted Alex. Their early bond is sweet.
9/18/2016 c2 Guest
AWW so cute! The little implied romantic hints...I can already spot them hehehe. That was so adorable how Marty and Gloria are excited to meet newcomers. Their welcoming to Melman was so cute. You write their characterization so very nicely! The part of Melman remembering his time back home and missing him his mama was so sad. He's still all alone in this new environment.
9/18/2016 c1 Guest
Wow! Great descriptive writing and engaging opening :) I absolutely love Melman's character so I love how you are exploring his backstory. Very emotional, I got a little misty eyes reading this! So sad as he was separated...all of them were as young. Great chapter!
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