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2h c19 Guest
Called it! I love how you work the canon characters in in unique ways
4h c11 Guest
The tomarry tension is pure gold. I love how you keep threading it through while still letting the plot advance in a way that feels natural
5h c10 Guest
The tension at the end there was perfect!
6h c8 Guest
Damn, that was EPIC!
7h c5 Guest
Riddle with a sword is badass
7h c3 Guest
Ugh, I love the the tension/psychological games of Riddle crowding into Harry's space!
13h c2 Guest
I love the details about the post and how people still check it! Such a human habit that brings realism to the story
6/20 c47 virtualwrite
Update pleaseeeee
This fanfic is MASTERPIECE!
6/10 c47 FelineHart
Really enjoying this story!
Will there be more updates to this particular fanfic? Not meant as pressuring, but if the muses strike I'd love to see more of this. Thanks!
6/9 c5 FelineHart
This is cool - I love the post-apocalyptic themes, the age-gap between Harry and Draco was a fun twist, and Fudge's personality and Riddle/Voldemort's one-man slaughter were very much in-character.
I've been rereading Set the Sails and came across this one. Enjoying it immensely.
5/2 c28 DronHaruko
Neeeeeein, Hermine T-T
4/7 c47 Bell20
me encantó uwu
4/7 c47 Bell20
el mejor maldito dolor de cabeza que he tenido en toda mi jodida existencia
3/21 c47 Living in Darkness
I was looking like crazy for this story, I love it. Will it be updated?
3/7 c40 MadWomanWithABlueBox
If getting smarter/immortal brain cells are killing him I think I have a way to combat it.
Alcohol acts as a depressant and I have been reliably informed that it kills brain cells. So all Harry needs to do is pull a Tsunade and get stupid drunk at all hours of the day. Sure, his liver might revolt but at least his brain will stop with the slow assassination attempt.
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