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7/6/2021 c1 KuroNeko
This one-shot was sooooo damn good! I laughed my lungs out!
3/10/2021 c1 catherineLunot06
i Laugh to Death!
3/10/2021 c1 catherineLunot06
hahahahahaha LMAO
9/24/2020 c1 4Miss Ponta
:) I normally don't add reviews bc its a pain but i've been pulling all-nighters and needed a breather. Luckily, I stumbled on your fic and dare I say its so cute I snickered the entire time. Sesh was such a sweetheart and I fell for him more. Thank you for writing this, it made me feel so much better. Sending torch of love 8D
7/2/2020 c1 Cojumhei
2/3/2020 c1 16Coolfire30
Oh- my fucking god! I'm choking!
1/27/2020 c1 8Pentastic
This was great. it made me laugh out loud. particularly at the torch line. great job!
11/5/2019 c1 CrimsonQueen24
Hahahaha “do you like my torch?” Oh Sesshomaru...just no. This definitely made my day better. Thank you so much for this much needed laugh.
12/4/2018 c1 12ArtemisMoon
This has to be one of the funniest things I have read in a while! It was all I could do to not publicly embarrass myself with random, weird bursts of laughter.
7/31/2018 c1 16Writer's Obsession
Oh my gosh! This is so funny! Brilliant work, dear author!
7/9/2018 c1 261baby-kitsune9
that would have only been funnier if he were trying to figure out emoji's and suddenly yelled out, what the fuck does fried shrimp mean?!
4/9/2018 c1 16Coolfire30
I had a hard time breathing with this one. Lmaooooooo
9/10/2017 c1 Staple Your Tape Roll
I never knew "8D" was a dick. Just looks like a face with a bloody nose or blush to me... eheh... I hope I've never used it inappropriately. Or at all. -_-'

Now I'm wondering if Jaken is responsible for the events in Dating for Dummies. Love his thoughts: Maybe she's trying to say she's a big titty whore/big titty wonder.

I think it would be funny if after Kagome says "that's a dick" Sesshomaru would say something back like "You're a pervert. I'm just trying to say 'I love you'". XD

Very funny! Thanks for publishing!
12/19/2016 c1 Guest
Funny! ) I would've loved to see Sesshoumaru's reaction once he realized what they were though! haha
5/31/2016 c1 ckkcja2478
ctfu, rotfl , and lmao at the 8D ... I was very pleased by the "torch of love".. Great one shot. Thanks for sharing!
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