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1/1/2014 c6 16Soul93
I've certainly missed your updates- it's great to have you back. This was such a bitter-sweet little chapter with just enough dry humor to blend well with the angst. Great chapter as always.
9/8/2013 c5 QuetaLyn
Puzzle is right! But I love puzzles, mysteries, to solve and this is a goody! LOL! I'm loving the clues you're tossing out: the headline of the tabloid & Hank's reaction to it, the unidentified sister that the Bennetts were talking about, the blood on Noah's hands and his comment about Beth & this little kid named Dylan which I'm assuming is Beth & Luis' son. So many pieces lead to so many questions (that I won't ask cause I know you won't answer haha).
I'm hooked, I love this little web you are weaving. I might not be able to leave comments all the time but I'll definitely be reading and gathering those pieces of the puzzle you're giving.
9/5/2013 c4 Soul93
Gosh I needed this! After such a long, busy week this update was like a little blessing. 4 chapters in and I only have a vague idea of what's going on? Now that's real suspense. I truly enjoy that about your stories, it makes every chapter that much more anticipated.

It's not just something to read, but it also makes you think and that's always a good recipe in a story for me.

Also I love how you write some characters, I think I've mentioned this before but I was never really a Gwen fan but the way you write her makes me enjoy reading about her. I think it's because you give her more depth as a character, which is refreshing.

Still enjoying this, can't wait for the next update! Great chapter.
9/2/2013 c4 Guest
Nope still here and Soul93 is right! What is Hanky(Jack) up to? Poor Gwen if he's running a scam on her trying to get to Sheridan.
8/26/2013 c3 Soul93
Maybe it's me but this chapter felt so short! And the mystery just keeps expanding, honestly I'm hooked to see how it will all play out. I also foresee some angst- which I believe you can never have too much of. Another great chapter, looking forward to more
8/17/2013 c2 Guest
First thing I thought when reading this chapter is Ethan is still a Crane? Then I remembered your author's note about it not being the Passions that we knew (see author's notes are important). I gotta tell you that not knowing who is in the picture is driving me crazy. Who's the young girl? Is she Luis' daughter? If so who's the mother? Is it Fancy or Beth (hopefully neither one haha)? I could go on and on with the questions but I know you can't answer them so I'll be patient for now ;) QuetaLyn
8/17/2013 c2 christina768594
Can't wait for next update soon
8/15/2013 c2 Soul93
Was so happy to see an update- really you have no idea how much I was in need of something good to read. And as always your update did not disappoint.

Though now there's so many questions floating in my head. If anything this chapter added more mystery to the plot. I can't wait for the next update another awesome chapter!
8/9/2013 c1 Quetalyn
It's Sheridan and Luis I'm in, and that last little bit has me intrigued ("You'll never be her. You'll never replace my mom."; "We don't have a future, Sheridan. Surely you can see that."I told you to stay out of this, Sheridan. It doesn't concern you. But you never learn.") Also If this gives you inspiration to continue Haunted, which I love, I'll be a happy girl
8/8/2013 c1 christina768594
Like it
8/4/2013 c1 Soul93
This reads like a start to a thrilling read! I'm intrigued already to see how it spans out. Hope it helps you writer's block, dying to read an update for Haunted.

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