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1/27/2020 c8 Brenda
Es bellisimo :3
2/2/2015 c1 24the-little-guru
Hahaha! Hanji is the perfect bro material! That was brilliant!
6/9/2014 c8 4sayume214
Nice chapter. I would have liked to see Zoe doing something like this for Levi too, though.
6/8/2014 c1 sayume214
But, coming from Levi, it IS weird he didn't worry about washing his hands, being the neat freak he is!
12/28/2013 c8 Stardiouses
So far, the best fanfic about them. I cried and laugh so hard :')
From the beggining knowing that Mike will die makes everything sappy, hahahah. Write more stories, please !
12/13/2013 c8 8Kandamio
Oh my. OH MY. You just made my day, writer. It's been so long I wanted to read a story about the three of them, and you descrived them quite perfectly.
And most of all: THANKS FOR WRITING MIKE. I find it sad that writers don't write much about the other's reaction after his death. So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.
(PS: I ship Levihan too but I don't think your writing was biased so much)
(PPS: Don't call your jokes "not so funny", they all made me laugh.)

Hope to read from you soon 3!
10/31/2013 c8 scrum
LeviHan all the waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!

oh and thanks for updating! sooo...
yeah...update again soon pls...w
nuff'said...love your story so got no comments or whatsoever...
10/9/2013 c3 Amaterasu Ai
This should be canon, I can see it happening .
10/9/2013 c1 Amaterasu Ai
Omfg this is hilarioussss
Well done, their drunk conversations are so amusing lol
10/9/2013 c8 14Amaterasu Ai
I was wondering if you would include Mike's death, and I'm glad you did, even though it's sad T-T
When I first read through the manga I somehow completely missed that part. At that time I didn't really focus on Mike too much though. I managed to completely miss out on the fact that Levi's squad and Mike died while reading the manga. Aaaaand that is why it came as a surprise when it happened in the anime .

Enough of m babbling haha, great story, I really enjoyed reading it
10/8/2013 c8 15ThatGirl35
*gross sobbing* Mike...
10/8/2013 c5 ThatGirl35
You feel it's getting worse, I feel it's getting better... I love having Mike in it! There's not nearly enough fanfics out there with Levi, Hange and Mike. This is a balm to the soul.
10/8/2013 c4 ThatGirl35
Oh, I liked this chapter...
10/6/2013 c8 slypkc
amazing (:
10/2/2013 c8 9potsugi-deactivated
I loved this fic so much and dont worry Levi is flawless the way you write him, hes pretty in character mY POOR BBY
Hoefully we'll see some levi-haji interactions in both the manga (liek they recovering may b they together or wink wink idk) and the spin off (i THOUTGH THAT GILR WITH PIGTAILS WAS HANJI I WAS SO PUMPED but it wasnt gatdam). Learning about how he interacted with erwin and hanji at first i cANNOT WAIT
I WILL be waiting for your levihan fic tho god bless u and the little levihan sparkles u threw here and there during this fic i loved every word of it.
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