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for It's In The Blood

12/24/2021 c1 Ravendeer
why drop such a good story
8/17/2021 c4 hzlanderson
Do you plan on continuing this?
9/10/2020 c4 stacyleedam25
Please update this story is so good and can't wait to see what happens next
4/19/2019 c4 1inuyasha16451
Omg. Please please come back and update this awesome story soon
10/6/2018 c4 loleo
A very interesting and amazing beginning of a "would be favourite story" for me. Please, dear author, please write again and let us poor readers know, how your story will go on and hopefully end... Pretty please
10/4/2015 c4 2HPMARIE
great story!
3/19/2015 c4 Guest
Please, please update
3/1/2015 c4 Guest
Loved it. Looking forward to whenever you continue with this story.
3/1/2015 c3 Guest
3/1/2015 c2 Guest
3/1/2015 c1 Guest
Good beginning
2/26/2015 c4 2kazuki12akirah
I like your stories vmuch.. Hoping that it will still be continued..
2/26/2015 c4 9ClownWhosFeelnDown
Are you updating this?
12/16/2014 c4 CatGirl04
This is such a great story, I really wish you would finish it. Maybe in the future.
10/19/2014 c4 yuiop
I am sad to see this has most likely been abandoned, but I loved it non the less!
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