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for The Lost Evening

11/10/2017 c6 15RoseVered
Ha! That was something! LOL
12/2/2013 c6 15leyapearl
snort That was great! I loved that Selina was the main focus of the story. Poor Alfred, thought, not being sure if he had behaved in an untoward manner.
12/2/2013 c1 leyapearl
Catnip blossoms. Fabulous. :)
10/23/2013 c6 3Wild KS Phoenix
This was a fun story! Each chapter made me grin bigger and bigger. I do wonder how often that happens to the Bat Family...although, after the first time they probably paid a bit more attention to that type of detail. Thanks for the story!

Wild KS Phoenix
10/23/2013 c6 97AJRedRobin
I like the ending. And It was great to see Batman flustered.
9/7/2013 c5 AJRedRobin
Hmmm . . . The Panty Affair is really turning into quite a mystery.
9/2/2013 c4 666Peaches101
LOL you done it again. I salute you!
8/31/2013 c4 AJRedRobin
Boy talk about embarrassing the bat boys . . . :-)) I liked Dick's blush . . . and even Bruce's red face. Priceless.
8/8/2013 c3 CMU
Very amusing. What would happen if Bruce finds out?
8/8/2013 c3 666Peaches101
Lol that's rich. I'm enjoying this. Selina, you kitty teaser!
8/7/2013 c3 1kuromi123
Ha, oh my gosh Richard too XD
8/7/2013 c2 kuromi123
Oh Alfred, I never expected that from you XD
8/6/2013 c3 97AJRedRobin
They don't call him the Boy Wonder for nothing. ;-))
8/6/2013 c2 AJRedRobin
Hmmmmm . . . . . . Alfred . . . . Have you been naughty?
8/6/2013 c1 1kuromi123
I love this XD
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