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for What You Want

8/25/2019 c1 1HPandPJO4ever
This is really good!
5/15/2019 c1 Guest
7/9/2014 c1 TheLadyW
Awww. Cute!
6/9/2014 c1 2MultiFandomMonster
Ugh I love this to much!
3/2/2014 c1 Guest
WOOOOWWW this was perf. I'm Elle in this show right now and this missing scene bothered me so much-but in my opinion this is EXACTLY how it would have went. Great job!
10/13/2013 c1 6Pandagirl66
mega cute, really well-written dialogue (I'm a huge dialogue snob). You're right, it would have been really nice to see this in the show.
10/4/2013 c1 43Nicoley117-TheBlueMartini
Aw, that was so cute! Looooved it! I totally felt like the proposal wasn't a proper conclusion to the wonderful Elle/Emmet-ness they had happening throughout the whole show either! So thank you for writing this! :)

9/7/2013 c1 Guest
Oh my God, you guys. I love this!
8/19/2013 c1 AngelofActing

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