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11/18/2015 c1 2georgiaboy
So are you back finally with new stuff, or just editing?

Been wondering.

Maybe I should get back to writing and editing my own stories.
12/18/2013 c5 Wolfman-053
FYI: The torpedo bombers from HMS Ark Royal were Fairey Swordfish.
10/31/2013 c15 Rose1948
Playing catch up on my reading. Damn it's intriguing! Looking forward to more when you can. I like the little bits of history here and there. *chuckles*
9/20/2013 c7 41Rorschach's Blot
Finally got time to start catching up. 'Fat Man' was the plutonium bomb, the gun type you described was 'Little Boy' which was dropped on Hiroshima. Little thing but it jumped out at me, probably because I used to live in Hiroshima. That aside, good work here, a lot of world building.
9/6/2013 c9 1Rashaan Butler
So in the aftermath of the Battle of Diagon Alley, Mollie Bean finally arrives in Europe, and apparently has quite a colorful history with the Schwarze Mädchen. Loved seeing Rita Skeeter getting an object lesson in being a good reporter and just what responsibilities her position entails, especially in a time of crisis such as what's going on with Sewell, Nott, and Malfoy. And ouch, I knew that uppercut Rose gave to Achelois when the latter touched the former had to hurt, but I never thought it would be so bad that she'd have to do a body swap. I wonder what Camellia will think when see learns that her best friend is now an Avalonian? More members of the Black Maidens learn of their inheritances and the effects of the Vindictam Sanguinis claim its first victim. Lastly, I wonder what sort of soul connection Thérèse Peverell has to whatever Mizuho sensed was at Hogwarts. *Gasp* Could it be that the horcrux in Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem survived Vince Crabbe's Fiendfyre. Will we soon be seeing another heir of Kyme Eau walking about?

This was quite an exciting and suspenseful chapter. Time to work on proofreading the next one so it can came soon. Until next time, DA SAGA CONTINUES. Peace out.
9/4/2013 c8 Rashaan Butler
Quite a lot happened here in this chapter. We have battles not only in Diagon Alley, but all the way in Oświęcim aka Auschwitz, Poland. Didn't expect any of the Moroboshi family, much less Ataru himself, to get involved in Wizarding Britain's mess so soon. Still, it was a good thing he and Mizuho were there to stop those vampiric Nazi idiots from obtaining all that dark energy and doing lord knows what with it. Oh, bad luck for Achelois there. Not only getting caught up in the skirmish at Diagon, but also practically spilling the beans to Rose about her somewhat involvement with Theo & Draco alliance with Adam Sewell and his ilk due to a unforeseen blunder. That uppercut to the jaw had to hurt, not to mention any chance she has at possibly winning Harry's sister's heart just took a big hit. Hopefully, this can be salvaged since she did assist somewhat in the defense of Diagon Alley. Ah, so Rita Skeeter is finally going to get whats coming to her. Hopefully, the Black Maidens' interrogation specialist can teach old busybody a few things about objectivity and blowing things way out of proportion.

Overall another excellent chapter in the W&A saga. Now its time to check out the aftermath of all this brouhaha.
8/29/2013 c7 Rashaan Butler
Not much to say about this chapter, except that I enjoyed it a great deal. We get into the real meat of the Second Purification War, the Hollows, and Death Eater Season; and we get to see exactly how ol' Moldy Shorts and his not-so-merry band of idiots were taken down. Excellent take on the "Power He Knows Not" part of the prophecy that was one of the driving factors of the original Harry Potter series. I consider it to be ten times better than what J.K. Rowling herself came up with. I mean the whole "Power of Love" thing is nice and all, but in times of war when you are up against a force that is more than willing to rape, murder, lie, and pillage to achieve their goals sometimes you also need a lot more than that. The Harry of your "PFtA" universe realized that when his godfather died and he went to Tsukiko for training put down the Marblized Wackjob once and for all.

Anyway, that's all from me about the chapter. Time to get back to the present and reveil in the insuing asskicking Sewell's compatriots are about to receive.
8/27/2013 c6 Rashaan Butler
So we open up with a little history lesson on the Hollows and how they came into being. I wonder how those staleblood, inbred idiots feel knowing that their sovereign patron Salazar Slytherin was not quite what they thought he was? Loved seeing the top brass of the Ministry of Morons get a well-deserved talking to, especially those two kettlebells Harry's sister dropped on ol' Dumbledork's noggin. And so we get a much clearer view of the events of "Death Eater Season", and Harry's newfound vigor towards the destruction of ol' Moldy Shorts' horcruxes. Glad to see ol' Albatross finally get a freaking clue and butt out of Harry's business with the Marblized Wackjob. Harry does not need any distractions at this time.

Overall, an excellent first-half of an interesting interlude which sets up future events. Now lets take a look at the second half shall we?
8/22/2013 c7 10Wonderbee31
That was a great ripping battle there, even as it was sad to see some of the losses, especially with how it went down with Tonks there, though nicer to see that later in the future with her and the ladies.
8/22/2013 c7 Rose1948
Just finished all the chapters posted thus far. As always, a damn fine read. *chuckles* I love all the ups and downs; like a roller coaster without the screams and barfing.
8/21/2013 c5 1Rashaan Butler
Well, lots of interesting things happened in this chapter. People who were long denied their rightful inheritance due to idiotic prejudices finally got what was theirs, the Black Maidens are reintroduced to current British wizarding society, reflections on the Second Purification War and the deep raw wounds it left, and it turns out that Achelois is not the pushover most people believe her to be. I do hope she can help Camellia finally get over what happened to her brother in '97, cause now that the vampires have attempted a preemptive strike, one which is about to viciously get the smackdown laid on it given that Elizabeth has called forth one of the most powerful and ancient rites of magical vindication in existence (not to mention the Queen giving her a royal warrant and the keys to the most feared edifice in British wizarding history), anything Sewell and his staleblood idiot 'allies' do in the next few days is bound to be curb-stombed into oblivion.

Well my friends the climax of this tale is now upon us. I hope to see some fresh asswhoopins delievered by the Black Maidens and their allies, while also liberating those that are simply misguided and need a stern talking to. Can't wait to see that. Until then, DA SAGA CONTINUES! Peace out.
8/20/2013 c6 10Wonderbee31
Very nice section, and enjoyed moremofmthe intrigue going down here, even as I felt bad for the loss of the Tonks parents, and Amelia as well, and will look forward to seeing more of what happened back in the past that lead to this new future.
8/19/2013 c5 1Gogmagog
Amusing/Interesting Perhaps even somewhat uplifting in a way. Herman Goring had a brother named Albert Goring who utterly despised him and the nazis and used his connections to help the Czech Resistance and freed prisoners from the concentration camps by having trucks 'oddly' break down, letting the prisoners escape.

I found it uplifting because one can find humanity in even the worst situations.
8/18/2013 c4 1Rashaan Butler
This is quite an interesting chapter. We get a brief history lesson of the paranormal side of the American Civil War, another look into the past as it pertains to Harry's tutelage under Yomigawa Tsukiko and his breakaway from mainstream Wizarding Britain, and more discussions of battle plans to deal with that undead prick Sewell and his ilk, which include calling in some international reinforcements and the Schwarze Mädchen procuring their old combat gear and medals from Germany's federal magical museum. It appears there may be some salvation for Camellia Matthews and Achelois Runcorn - the latter especially given her obvious crush on Rose Potter. I do hope that Achelois and Camellia are saved so that the former can at least have the chance to explore something with Harry's reborn sister. I also wonder if we'll eventually see Moldy Voldy's new spiritual daughter play a part in the W&A saga.

All-in-all a nice chapter that also builds up to the inevitable climax. I eagerly await the next chapter and said climax. Until then, DA SAGA CONTINUES! Peace out.
8/10/2013 c2 4the DragonBard
I would have suggested that Diana have a tear in her eye, or make some comment about having lost a son whom she'd loved to show that the death of Charles wasn't as easy for her as you made it seem.
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