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8/11/2020 c1 Space Battle
Kill yourself faggot
11/18/2016 c5 6maartenvervloet
what? I like it
5/30/2016 c4 3jdboss1
CH3 ending was sooo coool
12/7/2013 c4 karthik9
It is excellent chapter.I look forward to future updates.
11/7/2013 c1 Teufel1987
You haven't read my story?

I see ...

So you literally have got no idea ...


Right ...

*cracks knuckles*

This is how it works ... yes, countries have fuel in storage, the US for example, has about seven hundred million barrels of crude in stock ...

The problem?

They use sixteen million barrels ... PER DAY!
And this is a real fact ... I did my research ...

Out of those sixteen million, eight are imported ... so HALF of the country's oil comes from outside ...
So seven hundred million barrels won't last very long ...

The thing with oil is that human civilisation is very dependent on it. Not only does it fuel our cars, but it is used to lay our roads (Bitumen comes from oil), heat our homes and cook our food (LPG and Propane come from oil) and run our machines (lubricants come from crude too).

Without crude, you don't have any of that stuff ... and while lubricants make up a small percentage, they are critical. Without them, engines will seize, hydraulic systems will fail, friction between metal surfaces will be too high for high speed use ... that's what the check engine light in your car is for ... no engine oil means overheated engine which means dead car.

Like every machine on this planet, turbines used in hydroelectric power plants need to be lubricated. Those plants use about ten barrels of the stuff per month (each barrel is roughly 210 litres).

Without the lubrication, the turbines seize up, and stop working. Thus they stop producing power. So you get blackouts ...
That's it ... gone ... no electricity.

And yes, there are alternate sources, but the problem here is that there hasn't been much exploration done there! Those nuclear power plants, those wind energy and solar energy plants are not as efficient in generating power as hydroelectricity. If you look at the statistics (and I have mentioned that in my story) a very small amount of power is generated by those power sources ... one per cent individually ... so geothermal power plants supply one per cent of the total energy requirements, Wind energy, 1, Solar energy, 1, and nuclear 1.

That's five per cent TOTALLY!

And it gets better!

All those plants have turbines.
Geothermal and nuclear plants take heat to convert water into steam which is then used to run a turbine which converts that into electricity (which is a shame on the nuclear front ... those things are basically glorified water boilers. I mean, you have this wonderful phenomenon where matter is literally created at the molecular level and what is it being used for? Heating bloody water!)

Same with the wind plants ... those use physical energy from wind to turn the turbine and generate electricity ... which basically makes it like a hydroelectric plant.
What do those turbines have?
Moving parts
That generate friction
Which needs to be lessened.
That requires oil!

Now when the oil has vanished ...

I am sure you can figure out what happens then ...

Also, not only is there no oil, the economy is literally in the dump. With the four major currencies (pound, yen, USD, and Euro) flatlining, everything else goes as well as the fortunes of all the countries are now linked to each other ... look at what happened when Greece went broke recently and multiply that by ten ...

I spoke to an economist and figured that out ... so it is one hundred per cent viable (as far as I understand it)

I am not saying that magic makes wizards Mary Sues, but I am saying that they can hold their own against Muggles. Their problem has been numbers. In my story, it has also been Muggles taking advantage.

And yes, I have taken the population disparity into account and mentioned the steps taken to negate that problem in the story ...

Finally, all those countermeasures are well and good ... only if the Muggles knew how to make those countermeasures ... how do they know that Britain is hiding? It could have sunk suddenly. How do they know that dementors will show up as cold spots? What is the guarantee that they will? There will be no survivors ... and it is hard to think when the dementors make you relive your worst memories ...
And, dementors make the surroundings colder ... you are looking for a colder spot in a cold environment ... that's like looking for a black hole in the cold emptiness of space ... you need concentration, and a controlled environment .., hard to do that when your targets are moving quickly, sucking souls out and stressing you out by making you relive the worst memories of your life.
By the way, I have put this up here because you have taken down the PM feature and apparently banned me from contacting you ...

If you didn't want me to talk to you, say so instead of childishly sneaking about. I am an adult, I can take it.

And if you have a problem with people coming back with a proper cognisant argument because they don't agree with whatever you say, then don't argue in the first place. All this is showing is how much of a childish coward you are.

Good day to you (like you'll read this)

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