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for Paparazzi Paranoia

10/31/2014 c10 The Abysswalker
Pretty good :)
10/31/2014 c10 59PersonalitySoup
How about this?

Mike and Zoey are watching a simple movie together, when the paparazzi start flashing cameras and asking questions through the windows. Mike gets up and closes the blinds, after yelling a few choice words.

Next, the two are merely in bed, trying to sleep, when...you guessed it! Paparazzi! Mike gets so angry, his voice deepens to sound like Mals and opens the window only to punch a guy.

Next morning on the news, they see what happened only twisted!
10/31/2014 c10 25Pepe's Red-Eyed Cousin
When the paparazzi asked if Beth stole Gwen's skirt, I honestly thought it was farfetched. Even for someone like Beth. And then you have this scene where Beth goes home and puts Gwen's skirt on and I'm like "HOLY SHIT!"

Of course Heather would know that the paparazzi are full of shit. She just wanted an excuse fo be nasty to Beth. That was hilarious. Poor Beth. I wonder if the parents would blame Beth for their kids bieng on the news.
10/30/2014 c10 45GreenPokeGuy
Aww, poor Beth. Those paparazzi are assholes. :P

Heather's such a troll. And I can't believe Beth actually had Gwen's skirt! XD

7/18/2014 c9 25Pepe's Red-Eyed Cousin
Lindsay has probably said too much. Just as well she has Tyler to warn her when it's the best time to run inside.

You should do an Izzy chapter. That would be hilarious.
7/18/2014 c9 14KayDeeDee
Poor Lindsay, so sad...Nah, I'm kinda laughing now. So this is a great chapter (As always) and maybe Jo next, or even Eva!
7/18/2014 c9 45GreenPokeGuy

Oh my gosh, Lindsay is hilarious! She misunderstood Duncan's text, and Tyler had to call her to tell her to go inside. LOL XD

7/18/2014 c9 THE HINT
You should bring the contestants to a reunion special and make a papparazi riot.
Plus youre story is great.
Love it.
Keep up the good work.
5/6/2014 c8 NerdyNightStocker
It would be tough to be an attempted artist after competing on a popular reality show... The Eva moment at the end was neat and reminded me of that scene on television when they were sunbathing together...not that anybody else remembers that...
5/6/2014 c7 NerdyNightStocker
That WAS a weird combination... But of course Blaineley would try to utilize Alejandro's fame by taking him with her to get plastic surgery! Alejandro was surprisingly tolerant and the paparazzi was unsurprisingly story-altering! Not to mention that one Justin-obsessed interviewer sounds familiar... I'm shocked that Bridgette would call Al to complain about his "beating up" Blaineley since she dislikes her but she does dislike him more...
4/19/2014 c8 3FlowerBlooms
Cool and funny story :)
3/21/2014 c8 PT
I hope put in some zoke in soon
3/21/2014 c8 25Pepe's Red-Eyed Cousin
Gwen and Eva like foreign movies?! I guess they'll be holding hands in the dark and sharing popcorn, lol. At least Gwen can ease her feelings for Trent.

Keep up the good work.
3/21/2014 c8 Mughees
Poor Gwen..Papparazzi can be annoying but they were just a little funny here...I also like how Gwen Doesn't admit things by herself...Gwen/Trent was also a pretty touching part and
Gwen/Eva walking movies together is hilarious.
3/20/2014 c8 45GreenPokeGuy
That sounds cool. Who knew that Gwen and Eva would be friends?

Poor Gwen, with the paparazzi around, she can't do anything outside. :/

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