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8/16/2013 c1 14lilacmermaid33
Ash, I can't tell you how beautiful this is. I love everything about it.

I love Mac making Will make that promise, and to reach out to someone, even if that someone isn't her, and it's painfully obvious how much it costs her to say that. I love how it occurs to Will to think about how he's treating her in front of everybody, but all Mac cares about is him, only realizing the other stuff later. I love that Lonny is still around, even though Reese got rid of him.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the whole Mac/Charlie scene, especially how shocked he is about Nina, and Will and Mac both seeing him as a father figure, and him trying to comfort her.

8/12/2013 c1 alexindigo
Love, love, LOVE it! Please don't loosen the angst just yet. I say eff Will and Nina, let's just have a show with Mac, Don, Sloan and Charlie and be done with it. :) Lonny and Neal can visit.

Have you seen the promo for next week's ep? Ugh. I miss my Mac and Sloan being BFFs.

Thanks for sharing! :)
8/9/2013 c1 37iworkwithpens
Heartbreaking...seriously heartbreaking. Now I know I am not one to talk about messing with people's minds with fanfic, I'm sure I've done quite a lot of it too lately, but this is just seriously cruel! How can you write a brilliant little piece like this and have the nerve to say it's complete?! It is NOT complete! You must continue!

Love the staff watching anxiously. Love Will wanting to stay there, rather than go to his cold, lonely home. And absolutely adore that he doesn't want to share any of this with Nina. And Mac telling Charlie that Will IS seeing someone else, it's just not her? Oh God, I think I may have shed a tear at that one.

8/9/2013 c1 12BeTheIntegrity
Loved this story. You are far too good at writing! huff its just unfair ;) update soon.
8/9/2013 c1 9Katycat1970
Wow, another one from you... :) YAY!

Great start matey - heartbreaking but beautifully written as always...

Being the 'Will' softie that I am he's breaking my heart here but he needs to get his act together and talk to Mac NOW!
And then I got all sad with Charlie and mac... sigh...

love it matey - can't wait to read more (unless you actually are gonna have Nina sprawled out in Will's arms then I really don't think I can read more - not even if it's written by you)!

Thanks for posting...
8/9/2013 c1 1tooemptyforyou
I'm not even sure where to start. Mac's feelings, Will's feelings and realizations and the added touch of Lonny and his silent conversation with Mac and then Mac's conversation with Charlie - every single aspect of this story is written beautifully, painfully but beautifully.

"Because this was love. And he had branded her a liar and mocked her with his for it. And now he thinks that maybe he's the one who doesn't deserve such devotion." - I love this passage. Adore it.

Also, you can't be serious when you say this is complete.
8/9/2013 c1 5RobinsonGarden
I love stories with Mac and Will have Charlie in them. You did a beautiful job in capturing his love for both characters. Superb!
8/9/2013 c1 23theshipperlogs
The way you write Mac's feelings is so heartbreaking. I love it, but completely heartbreaking.
8/9/2013 c1 amy0102
:((( this is sooooo sad! Don't you want to write a happy sequel to this story? Please :D
8/8/2013 c1 Cloe83
Please tell me you'll right more soon, this is too good! Seriously, I think you've nailed every aspect, from Will's feelings towards his father, to Mackenzie's need to protect him ending with Charlie's desire to help them see the light. It almost looked like he was ready to push their faces together and shout "now kiss!" LOL Which is what I wish I could do at least a couple times per episode.

Love, love, love it! I can see the angst losing up too. Despite our collective unhappiness over finding out about Will and Nina hence our need to have Mackenzie yell at him and get angry and hitting him, I'm sure the most realistic reaction to her finding out about the two of them being in a relationship is without any doubt this one. She loves him deeply but I believe after Will's outburst in her office and Nina telling her what was in the voicemail she pretty much convinced herself she has no future with Will. Which is sad but understandable.
I'm sure she'd want to stay near him anyway because at this point it's all she can get but who knows how long she'll resist if things with Nina get serious...

It was so touching when she couldn't find the strenght to tell Charlie the truth and then her realization that Will has been happier for the past weeks because of Nina... And also when she tried to respect their relationship by telling Will to call his girlfriend in case of need. And of course we can easily tell all Will wants is Mackenzie's comfort but he's just not allowing himself to go there yet and... God, you're killing me! :(

Amazing job, dude! Can't wait to read more of this story because right now I really can't tell the direction you're taking which is always exciting in a fanfic as far as I'm concerned.
Brilliant idea writing a story based on my three favourite characters relationship. :D

Thanks so much for writing and sharing, looking forward to what's coming next.

P.S. Next episode has lots of potential Will/Mac goodness, let's just hope it won't backfire...
8/8/2013 c1 19im.just.better.fictionally
God! It took me so long to be able to read this story and it was so worth it. Every time I tried I was interrupted and I was about ready to give up but I didn't and I'm so glad I didn't (maybe Will and Mac should take a leaf out my book and not give up either ;))! THAT WAS PHENOMENAL! Good job!
8/8/2013 c1 Tccon
Great start to the story. It will be very interesting to find out why Will is stating after Mac after Neil bring up an incident in a restaurant. I think Will's gig is up!
8/8/2013 c1 7writingalone
I really don't like that you marked this story as "complete". I think it should keep going, at least for a few chapters. Because I like your stories much better than the show lately.
8/8/2013 c1 30teanc09
Well, done - I can feel Mac's angst...and Will needs to get his act together, quickly! Thanks for posting!
8/8/2013 c1 Guest
Another great chapter from you. I especially loved what was going on in Will's head, his confusion and his recognition that Mackenzie was his family and the one who could soothe him. And the part about the rabbit was very touching. And suggesting that Will call Nina was like a knife in his heart and I have to say he deserves it! Ever since that "scene" I have had a hard time liking Will. Of course it doesn't help that Sorkin has not shown him ending it with Nina yet so we have to assume that it's not just a one night stand and that is so painful. Funny I never felt sorry for Will when Wade was around ...but this feels different. You have captured how utterly devastating it will be for Mac when she finds out about Nina and of course she will !
Thanks for a great chapter!

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