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8/7/2015 c1 2ZE Bri-0n
You gonna let us know if someone takes it up?
8/9/2013 c1 17AltenativeFutureFan27
Dean have Kill other Deities and Higher Beings so he could have more abilities inatead of just having the abilities of Dick Roman
Abilities he would have
Dick Roman Superhuman Inteligence:All his Knowledge,Shapeshifting

Vanir(Scarecrow)Possesion of Scarcrows, Limited Wether Manipulation

Edward Carrigan(A Very Supernatural Christmas) Super Stamina, Limited Weather Manipulation,Super agility

Veritas(You Cant Handle The Truth)Truth - As the goddess of truth, her signature ability is force humans to speak the truth. Whatever town she is in, if someone asks aloud for the truth, they will invoke her curse. Nobody can be lied to when under her curse. Soulless people are unaffected by this and can even lie to her as they seem to have a special resistance against the curse.

Chronos(Time After Time)Time Travel,Teleportation ,Superhuman Inteligence

Eve(Mommy Dearest)Immortality ,Flight,Conjuration:can turn any human into monstersVampire,Shapeshifters,Werewolfs,Jefferson Starships Etc ETc,Telepathy:he have mental link to any monster created by him and can read minds,Compulsion,Angelic Power Negation,Rgeneration

Pheonix(Frontierland)Incineration by touch,Inmortality,Regeneration

Leviathan Creation :he can enter in water and create leviathans out of his body(After Using it his mouth will become a Jaw and he will have desire for human meat but he replace it by eating his arm)

Time Travel:He can time Travel Forward or Backwards by a limited time then return to the year he currently is(He can use it only pair of time he can stay in the past or the future for 24 hours only then return to the current time)

Truth:He can make people anyone tell him the truth except divine beings or campione

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