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4/29 c2 9time-twilight
Great chapter.
1/23 c2 1Pushi19
Update it soon please
8/14/2017 c2 bearfan23
Is Harry/Harte gonna be a balder and if so what bey are you giving him?
1/22/2015 c2 iceknife26
bryan should have red glowing eyes and should cut off dudley the fuckheads hair to show what will happen if anyone hurts harte
4/16/2014 c2 4Shadow Morris
I love it! I like some parts of the original better, but this is much better written. Good luck and may the writing muses be with you. :D
3/8/2014 c2 Guest
okay one: please try to keep the cursing to a small amount two: i like this version better and three: i LOVE the plot and please update soon
(just got done rereading the 1st version and this one and i still laugh at some parts in the original)
2/4/2014 c2 LightFire
okay i'd admit this is pretty good.
loved the original and, so far, loved this one hope you can update soon
1/20/2014 c2 3WolfGoddess72
This one is much better :3 It's descriptive and is much more organized. I love it already!
1/15/2014 c2 Nagilover4ever
Love it. I really would like to see what you were going to do with the wings Harry had in the original and the empath part.
10/22/2013 c2 Rocky
I can't sayanything as this is better than my story
10/19/2013 c1 1ApolloPheonixTear
I like this version a lot better, it's much more fleshed out and less rushed, and the characters are much more realistic. I can't wait to see the rest of it!
9/22/2013 c2 Guest
I did kind of like the original better
9/19/2013 c2 29Sakura Lisel
I like this rewrite, but I also like the original. *pouts* it was just getting GOOD when you decided to rewrite the whole story, and I wanted to find out what happens when Dumbledore discovered that Harte was missing from the Dursleys and what he was going to try in order to get him back. *lol*

I also liked the scene in the first chapter where the doctors took the DNA sample without his permission while he was unconscious and tracked down family for the 'lost child'. Though I never reallly understood WHY did they do it to begin with? What gave the doctors the idea that somebody as old and FAMOUS as Bryan was a 'lost child' in need of adults using new technology to track down family for him, and then send him to said family against his will when he's been doing fine without them for how many years? *lol*
8/20/2013 c2 Zai
Everything is great so far!
8/15/2013 c2 Jostanos

Flawless Victory?

I don't know.. *dodges the bucket of slime and the slime there in*
The original seems better than the newer version, but it has only been two chapters so far here.
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