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2/8/2020 c11 Tenshimeowmanga
Oh deary, that sounds like self deprecation to me, I'm familier with the feeling, you are a great writer, your book has made me shake, and I only shake for extremely good authors, when I shake, it means I'm excited to read the story, that I'm excited to see what happens next. Self deprecating is a horrible thing, it makes you feel worthless, or under everyone else. It makes you sad and depressed, takes all the good in you and shoves it down. All you need to remember is that there ARE people who live what you do, and are ther for you. Even if they are a complete stranger such as me. I dont need to know your situation to talk, or for you to rant. That last sentence is an invitation.

- Bai Bai
11/12/2019 c11 PrettyInPink1515
This story is a diamond in the rough. Thank you for sharing. It was a fun read.
11/12/2019 c4 PrettyInPink1515
I think it's a bit weird for Naruto to be the only person fighting against Zabuza and Haku. What is everyone else doing, especially Kakashi? Kakashi was in Anbu, so how is Naruto getting all the action? It doesn't make sense. What is the point of having all the other characters there if they're not even doing anything? Why even mention them? Do you kind of see where I'm coming from? I was told that if you write something, a character, dialogue, or a scene then make sure that the purpose is to move the story along and cut out everything that doesn't do that. You have a few errors grammatical errors in your story and I'd recommend a beta if you don't have one. They'll help you see the errors you miss with your writing. I always get a friend or family member to look at my writing because I tend to miss a lot of things since it's my writing. lol. I can't wait for Madara to make an appearance. Am I the only one who can't wait to see him?
3/17/2019 c2 AdriLAAAxo
Density* Not Thickness.
3/17/2019 c1 AdriLAAAxo
Okay. Why is the Juubi always described as a women? I’m a women too, but honestly. All these fanfictions with feminine protagonists or antagonists..Characters in general are all the same. Hotheaded with a ego the size of Canada. Or too sissy. The Juubi is NEVER described to have silver hair/white hair..why? Their Jinchuuriki are supposed to share some characteristics with the biju. The Juubi jinchuurikis all had silver hair and white skin...Why does this have to be so..OOC?
2/26/2019 c11 Guest
Personally I don't find interest in MadaNaru stories, but I was actually getting interested in this fanfic. But I already knew it wasn't going to finish because of the number of chapters. Good idea though!
2/20/2019 c11 Guest
la suite de à la fin
9/16/2018 c11 3Deadlysilence39
It is wonderful
8/31/2018 c11 bloodynoir
Please update
5/28/2018 c11 Guest
la suite de la fin
2/3/2018 c1 5wolfydies
I personally love fics where he betrays the leaf bc they treat him like sfor most of his life, I could never relate to his feelings of wanting to protect the village, tbh. That being said, simply to add an opposing opinion to the dismissal of this story for that reason. (which is okay, to each their own, they didn't insult the story or the writer) I look forward to reading your story.
12/21/2017 c7 Guest
What the absolute fuck I’m done nope I’m not going to read a fanfic where naruto betrays Konohagakure I’m going to put it on a different tab Incase I get bored or somebody says naruto doesn’t betrays Konohagakure
10/14/2017 c10 18Loveless Demon
Madara is a smooth operator. You go my man. Kinda stalker-ish but I still love it. Damn I wish this story was complete -_-
9/20/2016 c11 Miss.White00
Thank you. Your story was awesome, and I believe it was wonderful, not everyone can write as you did, you really showed your hard work. I know you worked so hard for this story and for the same reason you can not continue because you have expectations for every chapter you wrote and I think that you have a writers block that you can not over come, yet. When you do over come it, you will grow as a writer. The only thing that us, the readers can do is wait patiently for your return with your awesome chapters. I will wait for you. Please just don't give up! I know you can do it. All your reader believe in you!
2/25/2016 c1 Guest
Not something I'm looking for.. That and the story has a few problems along with a few grammar mistakes here and there.
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