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7/12/2015 c4 1GOgTOOA.6097004
I'm going to combine this & my other story Gang of Girls(I got locked out of my 2 accounts Ifab1ndiya & Bindzoya Sagiquarius)

Actually I"m going to give it away & put it on A03. The plot is:

(There are some references & characters from the TV series)

There are soc girl versions of the gang in Tulsa. Pony, Johnny, & Curly meet their soc girl halves. Scout/Belinda(girl Curly), Connie(girl Johnny), & Peonygal.
They have a Romeo & Juliet story with them except Soda & Steve's boss, the new police chief of Tulsa, says any soc or greaser fighting will be drafted. A new policy signed in by Oklahoma state legislature to reduce crime.
Pony, Johnny, & Curly fight with Bob. Then they plan to avoid draft by going to Canada. Lisa, fill in minister for Two-Bit's half brother, sends the wrong message to the girls. They think the guys were drafted & enlist as nurses but plan to desert the army with the guys when they find them. The guys just think they enlisted & enlist too.

If anyone is interested I'll PM you the ending.
Fred /Red will be in it too as Fred from the TV series. It will be a little like West Side Story. Cherry can get harassed at Buck's tavern when she goes to meet the Romeos.

The cast is:
Romeos: Pony, Johnny, & Curly
Juliets: Scout, Peonygal, & Connie
Friar Lawrence: Lisa(Tim's old friend)
Mercutio: Steve Randle
Nurse: Cherry Valance
Tybalt: Bob Sheldon
Lord Capulet: Paul Holden(head cousin of girls & Bob)
Lady Capulet: Marcia
Lord Montagues: Darry, Dally, & Tim(big brothers)
Lady Montague: Sodapop(caring brother to all)
Paris: Bobbie Jean, Greg, & Fred
Benvolio: Two-Bit
Prince Escalus: Soda & Steve's boss
Friar John: Two-Bit's half brother
Balthsar: Bryon (Pony's friend who brings them news the girls enlisted)
Peter: Marcia
Rosalines: Cathy, Angela, & Dally's cousin
1/2/2014 c1 3nadine1231966
12/26/2013 c7 Lucaspurs Digg Libro
This chapter was sort of amusing but I'm glad you're scrapping it. I camt see either of them both from unreligious families joining this cult.
11/13/2013 c5 Guest
Amazing! Update soon please !
9/2/2013 c1 868543218
I will most likely get along to reading this, but I've been on vacation so I have a lot of stories to get caught up on, but I just wanted to say, the title for this story is FABULOUS! :)

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