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9/12/2002 c2 diana

Freaking fantastic. It's taken me forever to get here, but... wow. I'm jealous. And I beg you to continue.


Thanks for posting. Sark, baby.

9/10/2002 c2 Alliecat3
Oooooh! Angst with a capital "A"! Love Vaughn's thought, "I hope he dies soon." LOL!

Looking forward to more.
9/8/2002 c2 Couch
Ohhhh no. (Said in the tone of Phoebe from Friends, if you can picture what I am talking about). Vaughn, Vaughn, Vaughn, tsk...tsk...tsk...You must continue, I am quite intrigued!
9/8/2002 c2 4Fanatic482
/"Wishful thinking. How very American of you."/ *shivers delightfully* okay, apparently vaughn's not getting any good lines because sark is grabbing all my attention. was that intentional? ah well. good sarky. hee. /"Don't be so fatalistic. I'm sure they'd wake you before shooting."/ and as much as i adore your sarky, i sure as hell wouldn't want to be the one sarky's aiming his pure britishness at...

oooo... okay, everything in the last paragraph has me drooling here. vaughn goodness. but my god... /I was helping the woman who killed my father, and all for the sake of her daughter./ DAAAAAMN am i ready for more!
9/8/2002 c2 Rach
I lurve you, Gabby. You rock. This story rocks. You know I'm not good at writing reviews, so ... yeah. You're a Sark master. Very, very nice indeed.
9/8/2002 c1 Fanatic482
oh, you do write an evil sark. and evil CHARMING sark. i'm mean, come on! /That's Mr. Sark to you./ *snickers* ahhhh... lovely lovely lovely... now off to see the justice you've undoubtedly given vaughn
9/8/2002 c2 3Thorne
Eeeeee! Sark 'n' Vaughn! Yum.
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