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for Attack on Saiyan, Revenge of Mankind

11/2/2013 c8 KillMeToday
Good fics; i cant wait for the next chapter updates soon please!
9/24/2013 c8 Guest
I like the concept of a DBZ/SnK crossover. Please update.
9/13/2013 c8 2Saiyanfoeva
I... Love... This. I have a few questions though. First, why are Gohan and Trunks so weak? They can easily bust planets in there sleep and with them fully healed, they should have all their ki. Next, it seems to be getting a bit romantic between Mikasa and Eren. Will you have a lemon? I ask because most Attack on titan stories do even if they're rated T. One last thing... UPDAAAAAAAATE! Not a question, but who cares?
9/11/2013 c3 7Zyzz
About updating: My Internet connection has gone, I am using my phone to type this in. Hopefully I should be back online by next week, and the chapter should be up then. It is hard for me to try and make these characters all fit together, so tell me your honest thoughts and criticism and I will do my best to improve my mistakes.
9/10/2013 c8 1deadaccountIcan'twriteanymore
Please update
9/9/2013 c2 7Zyzz
To the guest about the pairings and calling me an idiot.

1. Trunks doesn't seem like the type to be interested in a relationship when the earth/humanity is in danger, for him the survival of the human race comes first (Besides Trunks wouldn't really fit well as a partner to anybody from SnK). Obviously Gohan is with Videl so nothing i happening there.

please refrain from calling me an idiot, I am not a genius by any means, and I am a pretty lazy writer sometimes. But I am not an idiot.

And to everybody else - Sorry that the next chapter is taking so long, I have had some issues and a little bit of writers block, I am trying to keep the characters somewhat in character, but it is hard to do when they are placed in situations that they have never been put in before.
9/9/2013 c6 Guest
My bad, they DID break the cuffs. Still, SUPERPOWERED ALIENS THAT CANT BE CUT OR HARMED BY ANYONE WHO'S NOT AS STRONG AS THEM (and nobody in this dimension has that strength-the swords and ammo would just shatter upon impact) would be able to fall in love with ANY GIRL-regardless of whether or not the girl's 15 and Trunks is 20-and NOBODY could do a damn thing about it. Besides, under 18 doesn't apply to EVERYWHERE ON EARTH (like Syria or some other places).
9/9/2013 c6 Guest
Also, you idiot. Gohan and trunks could break chains like the were nothing.
9/9/2013 c4 Guest
9/5/2013 c8 Zyzz
As stated earlier Trunks has around 10 times the strength of your average man at the moment, he isn't catching bullets or lifting multiple tonnes above his head ... yet. The reason Eren managed to actually have a strike that made contact was because of a number of reasons.
1. Trunks was far from using a fraction of his ability, he was toying with Eren
2. Eren used his Ki, his inner energy and channeled it into his attack
3. Trunks had his back to Eren, so he obivoulsy was at a disadvantage for defending.
9/4/2013 c8 Just a guy
Since when was a human capable of fighting at the speed of sound in SNK? No way in hell can Eren hit Trunks, someone who can catch bullets and lift god knows how many tons without ki.
9/4/2013 c8 6sortacrazi
Nice chapter, I like the action between Eren and Trunks. It's an intriguing idea to have four characters learn Ki. Keep at it!
9/3/2013 c8 BadazzEXE
that developed very well good job on this chapter the fight scene was very well paced and writen and the idea of how ki will work was very well made also the idea of a person useing there ki by driving them to there limits and then the person unknowingly drawing it out with there determination and pure will power that was very well done also again great job and keep it up look forward to seeing the next chapter especially the fight of mikasa and trunks
9/3/2013 c8 1MasterXMaster
Very interesting fiction. Your idea of limiting Trunks and Gohan's KI was good. Sayan bodies evolved in a 10G world, so they are necessarily more than 10 times stronger than a normal human, even as demi-Saiyans. I liked all the chapters unitil now, pleas keep writing, I'm very curious about the changes their presence will bring in the story.
9/2/2013 c7 Guest
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