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for Attack on Saiyan, Revenge of Mankind

8/20/2013 c5 BadazzEXE
this chapter turned out really intresting on how it developed especially gohan just lifting a large piece of debris loved that part especially the reaction of the character when it happened i never get tired of seeing DBZ character showing off lol i also look forward to seeing the next chapter since of course gohan and trunks are in trial i pretty much have a picture of the Search Results judge telling gohan to speak his name i can not help but thing that some one will laugh at that lol so that will be a very intresting chapter to read really look forward to it keep it up
8/19/2013 c4 BadazzEXE
i actully like how this chapter came out the fight scene was not all bad and i like the fact that you gave gohan the ability of kaio-ken it should really help him in showing his true abilitys but of course at a cost but at the same time i don't think it is the best decision mostly because if gohan keeps using it all the time it would destroy his body so i suggest that at some point in the story you make him at least go super saiyan but still have his power down graded to have some balance in the story but aside from that great job on this chapter and keep it up
8/16/2013 c4 Silber D. Wolf
Awesome chapter, I hope that you update soon
8/15/2013 c3 BadazzEXE
damn kind of sad that i reached the current chapter but i can defenitly say that i like how this chapter came out good job hope to see the next chapter soon
8/15/2013 c2 BadazzEXE
have to admit this story is starting to look very promising even if gohan and trunk ability of ki manipulation are taken away you should still find a way to make this story work trust me even if it seem that it would take a load of time to thing of a idea for it which probable will it is possible but the point is i really starting to like this story and hope to see even more of it in the future so i really REALLY hope you continue it great job on this and keep it up
8/15/2013 c1 BadazzEXE
i was actully wondering when someone was going to make a crossover of this with dbz and i feel stupid for missing this fanfic but aside from that really intresting story you got here and can't wait to see where this leads to so all in all good job on this and keep it up
8/14/2013 c3 Nina de la nieve
(I do not speak English. I made a effort to write this)

Awesome fic, I like it.
Keep writing, please. Your story is interesting
8/13/2013 c3 Guest
Update FTW, also nice nerfing you did there (considering the 20 men reference as 20 men at physical peak/AKA 1000 pounds/half a ton bench press [or 2500 pounds when lifting overhead]...that's 10 [20] tons at the very least, meaning that gohan and trunks are essentially spidermanesque in terms of physical abilities).
8/13/2013 c2 Guest
Awesome story keep it up, also don't get discouraged from the obvious power gap between the titans and the "de-powered" saiyans, it is pretty fun to read a crossover story in which you know how outclassed the "top dogs" are when compared to the inserts, besides it's not like power alone will solve the conflict, i've read a very well done evangelion/DBZ crossover in which both sides of the story have as much weight in it and the saiyans OP'ness does not override the plot, so yeah don't worry much about the power difference (not to mention i'd love to see levi's reaction to the newcomers LOL).
8/11/2013 c1 Alistar
Glad to see this kind of Crossover.

I agree with 'Tpinz'. Simply stripping them of their Ki is not going to make them 'weak' by 'Attack on Titan' standards. Remember that they've also trained under a lot of Gravity in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, so their natural (without Ki) speed, strength and durablity are very high. Their bodies under normal earth gravity will still feel light, so they'll also be able to easily jump miles into their air. They still have strong durability, especially when you consider that they are much stronger than Kid Goku, who had bullets simply bouncing off his skin during the first chaper/anime of DB.
Even without Ki, their ability to turn Super Saiyan won't be hindered. And SSJ will furthur increase their speed, strength and durability.

Ki or not. SSJ or not. It simply won't be possible for Trunks and Gohan to be at the mercy of Titans.

'Attack on Titan' is a stupid name, don't you think. I mean, it would make you think that 'Titan' is a place that's being attacked, instead of it being the species that's attacking a city, which is not called Titan.
'Shingeki no Kyojin' makes better sense. Attack/invasion of the Giants. Makes better sense than 'Attack on Titan'.
8/12/2013 c2 Guestyguest
I understand that you are trying to improve your writing and the lack of feedback is probably frustrating you, but please continue! It's pretty interesting so far.
8/10/2013 c1 Guest
what the guy below just said, you are taking a nice direction with this crossover, and yes considering goku was bullet resistant/proof as a kid pretty much means gohan is too (and I doubt titan teeth are strong enough to scratch the tough hide of a saiyan, even if it's a half-breed, the armored titan could prove to be a match for gohan, at least in the tanking department, cause its too soon in the SNK series to tell the other shifter's level of strenght, though then again eren had trouble with a boulder roughly twice his size...which probably weighed AT LEAST 1K tons, something gohan could easily do even without ki).
8/10/2013 c1 Tpinz
Well, without Ki just means: no flying, no energy attacks, no enhanced swords and weapons. So, Trunks and Trunks still could probably punch a Titan and send it flying for miles without any ki. Also they still will be able to jump really far and running at superonic speed. If you want to basically nerf, Gohan and Trunks taking their Ki away will help but, not enough to make the titans a threat. I also assume you want Gohan and Trunks to eventually learn how to use the 3DMG, I don't know. But, again even without Ki the 3DMG would still be pointless. I am excited to see that their is a DBZxAOT crossover in progress. And DBZ is normally very hard to write crossovers for because the DBZ on most occasions will completely out class most other animes. I hope you can write more, and nice work.
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