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for Tripping Through The Triangle

6/10/2016 c1 MxPerditus
Wow! Holy shit! This is one of the best A-Team fics I've read so far! The mystery!

Reading the scene where everyone is "asleep" creeps me out no matter how many times I read it. Amazing job! (I know I'm late to the party but you deserve congratulations! lol)
9/28/2013 c1 18ThePieHunter
This is a very good story. Continue writing, you're very good at it!
12/31/2010 c1 25chill13
That was GREAT! I'm amazed at how well you wrote Murdock first person. I imagine that was difficult, since he's so random. And yet he was perfectly in character. His discriptions of his friends and this unusual experience...well I can just hear him talking. Very entertaining, perfectly in character with everyone. Loved the ending too!
7/6/2010 c1 73Chibimax
great story
11/12/2009 c1 5Liestra
I heard once that the greatest compliment a writer can recieve is to write a story that the reader will want to read over again.

I've read this four times now!

Great story, wonderful visuals (I can just picture those 'old clouds'), the conversations and reactions were natural and true to the characters. I love the line of Hannibal's - '"My first time," he said calmly.'

And even though this review is long past when you wrote this, and you have probably gone on to better and bigger things, I still want to thank you for a very enjoyable story.

Yours, Liestra
8/7/2008 c1 78Invisible Ranger
A most unusual story, with a most unusual POV, and I loved every minute! Kudos to you! :)
6/10/2002 c1 Ekatay
Excellent! Just like Murdock. Capturing all his craziness to it's most wonderful extent!
10/27/2000 c1 A.H
Great! I love the Murdock POV - don't see as much of it as I'd like to. Also, the mental picture I got of Hannibal's cigar floating in midair wwas great! Nice descriptions, and you've got a good bead on the way Murdock talks and thinks ( Describing Hannibal as the "great enchilada" was a perfect touch!) keep up the good work!
10/25/2000 c1 12LA Suka
That was awesome! That was totally original! I've never heard of anthing like that happening in the Bermuda Triangle. That was creepy. *shivers* It's like, gravity was turned off for a second and they were in some kind of bubble. Cool! This is possibly the best A-Team fic I've ever read! Loved it!
10/23/2000 c1 14Tiffany
This was great! Poor Murdock. One of these days the team will actually believe him. I love some of those descriptions you use - clouds that hadn't been dusted, mired in air - great. Hope there's more soon.
10/23/2000 c1 Sher
Dodeedodee dodeedodee! Okay, so I liked it, I liked it!
10/23/2000 c1 gmb
That was awesome, and from Murdock's pov. How cool!
10/22/2000 c1 gaz
vedddy interesting
10/22/2000 c1 sally
That was such a good story! I love that you did it from Murdock's POV and that he wasn't totally tripping! Face crossing himself at that one point was very interesting...and the ending! Oh, poor Murdock! Great job! : )
10/21/2000 c1 Michael Candle
OMG This RULES! I have to give you ***** on this one! Wow!

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