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for Hestia Ponders

10/27/2015 c1 lil miss wolf
plz write a little more
1/16/2015 c1 Guest
where r the LEMONS!
4/10/2014 c1 amongstbrokenhearts
Beautiful. I love it. I f**king love it. I just wish this was longer :(
9/7/2013 c1 Guest
Thanks for the nice read. It was sweet, if a bit random at times. Thanks again :)
8/22/2013 c1 Guest
nice one shot; good to know that someone else also likes Poseidon/Hestia. Thanks!
8/11/2013 c1 Guest
Nice, though a bit confusing, it's like you have written it as you ideas came to your mind. Still, a nice little one-shot.

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