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for The Merman and the Grump

9/25/2015 c9 4mitsuyo-chan
Oh nooooooo! For a little short moment I thought that it really was their child xd
9/19/2015 c9 BumbleFree
I loved every second of it, but my beloved Mpreg made it even better XD or the mentionings of it LOL 33333333333333
7/12/2015 c9 Almondcrunch
This is a very funny and well-written story. I really love Hanji and her crazy antics. You'd made her a real fujoshi here. Very cute and I applaud you for that. Levi and Eren are perfect for each other. And don't get me started on the child... Ah, I really love to see their child! I'd hope you make more of fairytale stories like this one. Have a nice day!
5/25/2015 c9 Guest
you made me cri
3/24/2015 c9 Kniperose brown
Awwww so cute! I freaking live this 3
2/10/2015 c9 cccciLoajmlwmN
That was awesome! I like the ending. :)
2/8/2015 c9 Alex
I loved this. I spent most of it laughing at Hanji's antics and Levi's clever one-liners, and the best part was it was funny, had a good plot, AND you used proper grammar! None of those things ever come together in fanfic, and this is probably one of my favorite AOT fanfics at the moment.
It does bother me slightly that Eren is referred to as "Mom", but that's just the queer activist part of me. Everything else is great!
I'm going to go see if you have any other stories now... Thanks for giving an insomniac something to do with themselves at 1 am (which isn't so bad quite yet, but you'll also be giving me something to do at 3, most likely, so thanks!)
2/4/2015 c9 9ahappygoat
xD AHHH this story was amazing! it was hilarious, cute, lovey, and dat mpreg B) yay children! great job, loved it from start to finish!
1/25/2015 c3 CrimsonHazelEyes
It is so rare for me to write a review...but this is PRICELESS. I was reading this through a car ride until I got home, my family was wondering why the hell was I laughing. My phone dropped in the toilet hole and yet I didn't care much because I'm reading this in my iPad. LOL really, good job! XD
12/27/2014 c6 CarpeDemon
This is amazing - so awesome
12/9/2014 c9 Sankarea
Aww this was really cute 3
Although it is a bit sad that Eren can never speak again...but it was totally worth it if he can be by Levi's side.
12/7/2014 c2 Gabi-chan
HAHAHAHA XD I had never read such things in a fic, but I love it. Congratulations for your ideas and good writing!
11/16/2014 c8 FreakyFee94
Perfect! I love it! :D
11/1/2014 c9 14moonshroom420
11/1/2014 c8 moonshroom420
...Question... was Eren naked that whole time?
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