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6/10/2016 c1 143Chyme for the Rhyme
I meant to write a review for this ages ago. Opps.

It's weird. Ester's one of those characters who I don't care for much either way, but that's mainly because the writers didn't utilise her much and refused to expand on the more interesting aspects of her character. Most of the time she was just 'Ben's casual girlfriend', up for a laugh and an adventure and quite affectionate, but in the end that seemed to write her as the Julie rebound, and nothing more. You know, never mind the fact that she felt a clear amount of responsibility for her people and was their elected leader, came from an interesting background and could have acted as Ben and Rook's guide to Undertown, a place she had actually traversed and lived in.

Which is why this piece works, with all the little details that canon didn't care to fill in, Ester running through sewers instead of roads, stuck between her genetic heritage until she grows and uses it as a tool to escape to a world the rest of her tribe can't tolerate. And then she learns to bask and take joy in something as simple as the colours of a changing sky, colours that are, perhaps as colourful as the paints her father once used to pay homage to their family when it was complete and happy - and I loved that description of him doing it as well, his 'labour over it, his hands covered in colourful paints, as he slowly but surely put ink brush to wall.' It has a nice flow, a rhythm in part because of the nice alliteration of 'covered' and 'colourful', 'slowly but surely' forming a kind of assonance.

But parts of this fic are kinda poetic in general, with the parenthesis breaking itn to reveal Ester's feelings every few paragraphs or so - and it was kinda enjoyable to see how Ben might look through the eyes of child that isn't native to the same Earth culture as his own, a child who learns of him before his fame spreads in his teenage years and her impression is formed by the media outlets. The whole 'blonde-haired' image she conjured up at first made me laugh.

And I loved the fact that her mother was Inuit. I slapped my forehead and had a 'of course!' moment at the idea because it makes so much sense. Where else in the world could a Kraaho mate with a human without shivering his socks off? To err, put it bluntly.
9/7/2014 c1 7bloomscool
I like Ester and I like your idea, she knew about him for a good majority of her life and I would like this to be true, it would be really cute.
4/12/2014 c1 104Depthcharge2030
Well written and overall a suiting back story for a character that deserves the attention. A very enjoyable read.
11/3/2013 c1 Guest
Dude I like your story so far but please don't give up on it since their is only one complete for a Ben x ester.

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