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for There Is No Such Thing As Fairytales

11/8/2013 c1 64Deep Forest Green
Wow. So they actually WERE brothers.
8/14/2013 c1 33stagepageandscreen
Amazing. Utterly utterly amazing. I haven't reached that part of the Brick yet, but I loved this one shot with a passion. It was excellently written and had me emotionally engaged from the start.
Well done.
SPAS or Libz
8/12/2013 c1 Guest
Poor Enjy :( Very beautiful and sad.
8/12/2013 c1 42Phoenixflames12
Oh Enjolras! This is simply beautiful- I love how you've written Enjolras' past and how the fact that being the abused youngest son made him into the revolutionary that Hugo writes about- it's a wonderfully poignant past and so realistic- I could almost taste the tension radiating from all of them- really, really well done! I also adore how you've derived so much from just one quote and your characterisation of Combeferre is superb- beautiful, heart breaking writing Mon Ami and this is definately one I'll be coming back to at a later date! x

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