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for Saiyans Over Flowers

5/12/2014 c20 queenvicky99
Oh no , It's Yamcha ! PLZ don't make him a totally prick( wink wink ) . Anyway I am happy to know your not in hibernate , LOL. I really love this story and all the fun twist you did to it ! Can't wait for next chap , LATER!
5/12/2014 c20 13Nova.8
As always, a great chapter. I grinned when Bulma asked Turles if he planned on protecting her from the soap dispensors then I laughed so hard when he said: "Well I didn't smell anything so I knew you weren't on the toilet. So you were doing something else." Lol, I'm still laughing.

I did wonder when Bulma's emotions where going to start to question Vegeta's killer instincts. Its definitely going to be interesting to see what she comes up with. What I loved about this chapter was its always a battle between Bulma and Vegeta, battle of wills, for dominance, power, etc, they love to argue and I think it keeps them entertained as well. Also, you showed how well they knew each other when Vegeta asked Turles to keep and eye on Bulma and Bulma knew when to back down and try a different strategy. Great work on capturing that.

I'm glad Chi Chi is getting the life she's always wanted and her dreams are coming true. But with Yamcha thrown in I can't imagine it'll all be rainbows and unicorns here on out.

I'm also wondering if Yamcha will interfere with B and V since everytime Yamcha makes an appearance in a story its to fawn over B and rile up V. Can't wait for more.
5/11/2014 c20 Okinawa Girl
OHMYGOSH YAMCHA! You know it's funny cause I actually reread this story today as was hoping you would update soon and you is! I'm so excited to see what part Yamcha will be playing! Hopefully a one that's gonna make Vegeta kill him ! Please update cause I REALLY wanna know what happens next!
5/11/2014 c20 elianni
O no not yamcha that's bad news
5/11/2014 c20 4NNP
Woa! Yamcha? Game changer indeed...Excited to see how he meets bulma.
5/3/2014 c19 vegete
gosshhh i love this story. i haven't been able to put it down since the first chapter. keep up the good work!
omg, I love this
4/6/2014 c19 13Nova.8
Oh my word. I did not expect Chaya to die here and like that! But I have to hand it to you, that was great work. Never saw it coming.

I liked how Vegeta told Bulma that he hadn't married a weakling and she'd have to fight. It's understandable how overwhelming that first breakfast for Bulma had to be and would have been all too easy for Bulma to let the Queen get under her skin because I think Cellena was right. It was a mixture of shame and fear, knowing that she wasn't wanted there that had Bulma scared. It would scare me too!

But then her comeback at the next meal was amazing. Really, Bulma was back to her spirited self. And then Vegeta beheads Chaya! *giggling* she deserved it really!

Can't wait for more!
4/6/2014 c19 SUcKit
awesome story
4/4/2014 c19 Guest
That end was really unexpected haha. Here I was thinking that Bulma was gonna become friends with Chaya like it happened in the Boys over flowers.
4/4/2014 c7 HatefulHeart
Great story! I love it so far!
4/2/2014 c19 queenvicky99
I like that simile you did! Love goggles , good one. I'm glad Chayda is gone, she really was not like able ! Can't wait until next chap!
4/2/2014 c19 12HoodedIronLady
I loved this chapter specially the part where Bulma was replying to the Queen. It was hilarious. But I am not quiet convinced that why Vegeta is still evil. He should have changed by now. Well, I am going to desperately wait for your update. Hope you update real soon.
4/2/2014 c19 Debrwxn tr wavb
Wow, I almost feel bad for Chaya. Almost.
That was pretty cruel though.
4/2/2014 c19 4NNP
Wow! That was unexpected but yes she had to go! But then i feel no-bulma is about to go back to her scheming ways after vegeta fell for her ;(
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