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for Heiress of Hogwarts

4/8/2020 c8 FraylinDurin
Can you tell me who continued this story? if anyone did?
Thank you have a great day and stay safe chica ;)
2/25/2020 c1 makaylaprice1996
i like to takeover Heiress of Hogwarts
1/4/2020 c1 f
shit i would poison them dursleys fucks
10/17/2017 c8 16the-real-jared-kleinman
Can I redo this?
I love Harry Potter.
And this is actually awesome...
Like really awesome.
So please?
7/30/2016 c7 5beautyorbeasts
NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT CHAPTER PLEASE I LOOOVE HOW I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO SAY IT I LOVE JAMILLE (I hope I wrote her name is right) I LOVE THE STORY I LOVE IT ALL! BUT... HOW did sirius the coolest black of all escape was it the same way as in the movie ( I think that in the movie he escaped because he changed into his animagus form). Anyways I love the story I hope you update soon and... I actually have nothing to say anymore (LIE!).

6/13/2015 c6 3naruto kurama
That's a lot of numbers. Lol.
6/13/2015 c7 naruto kurama
6/8/2015 c7 Splodge2209
Please update soon. It's so good. I can't wait to read more.
12/9/2014 c7 Elasour
That was so MARY SUE!
12/7/2014 c7 3Merissatheseagoddess
Please continue
12/7/2014 c6 Merissatheseagoddess
I just did the math for how much she has over the Daily Prophet and she has 75% control
11/20/2014 c7 healingcat
Thanks for writing, I'm enjoying the story so far. Looking forward to Dumbledore's reaction.
11/17/2014 c7 Aiko
Please update soon! This really is a great story so far!
11/10/2014 c7 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
10/27/2014 c7 guest
I love this it is awesome! You should make her take Sirius with her as a 'Familiar' as well as Hedwig I love your story so far. Also make it to were no matter were she is (other than bathroom duh lol) he follows her LOL! that will drive the teachers insane. And when she meets Malfoy to rip out the name on the parchment and through it in a fire! lol! Keep it up!
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