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12/1/2015 c1 Kinglu
I was going to read one more story before I went to bed and this was it and now I'm fuckig. Crying because it was going to turn out so good for them (or maybe not but they were gonna try ya know) and then THIS SHIT has to go an happen. Anyways, loved it, know you're not going to see this but why not comment on something that's great
9/18/2015 c1 22apiegohome
You're one cruel motherfucker! Oh man, what a tear jerker. Nicely written.
4/22/2015 c1 1Staggered Pichu
That was just beatiful. I feel like I was impacted by this story. Everything flowed together, like running water if you will. It is saddening that Axel had to die but I understand it was necessary in order for you to reach your desired ending. I can understand how his death would finally set Roxas on the right path.
Very great job on this.
8/26/2014 c1 3Roxas Diamond
I never imagined that i'd be sitting on the floor at 3:50 am in suck sympathetic tears from a story I just read. This is hauntingly beautiful. I cant even begin to describe my love for something I stumbled upon.
8/23/2014 c1 8Lazypage
This is a beautiful story. It made me think and feel and writing something like that is hard. Published authors can't always do that. (or maybe you're a creative genius and it comes naturally I don't know) Everything that Axel was going though was universal. He wanted to matter. And Roxas didn't want to admit it, but he was the same way. Sometimes stories come along with freakishly good timing. This was exactly the type of story I needed to read right now.

It's all about spinning your wheels and going nowhere, but maybe you're being melodramatic and there's someplace to go after all.

I liked your allusions too. I stopped reading and opened a tab to look up Kierkegaard so I could understand what Axel was referring too. The writing style is high grade and it's obvious there's a lot of love put into this story. One of the most prominent things Axel said for me was when he told Roxas to mean everything he said.
7/27/2014 c1 35unwinding fantasy
I love the entirety of this story, even the end, sad though it is. Anyone who's felt stuck in a dead end job can relate to Axel's resignation. Seeing him blossom again is encouraging, reminds me not to take a backseat in life, urges me to be the best me possible. It's not about being a miracle worker. Nurturing your soul is what's important. Rejecting apathy.

And beautiful, fierce Roxas is equally amazing.

Also this: "Axel is enemies with nostalgia—it only ever brings imperfect replicas of what was, all bittersweet." Have you listened to the song Vibrations in the Air? This song popped into my mind as soon as I read that line.

Thank you for another fantastic read. 3
10/11/2013 c1 8Unicorn Chronicles
Well... wasn't that depressing. Good none the less. I wish he liiiiived!
9/28/2013 c1 oh-my-Ra
This is easily the most beautiful thing I have ever read on this website (and the Fight Club reference made it all the sweeter.) It was just, wow! Hauntingly beautiful.
9/14/2013 c1 MaddeThee
Your writing style is super fab.
8/31/2013 c1 Ever
Boy, I haven't logged into this site for quite some time. V, you know the drill. Lovely doesn't seem the word, but there is something (unusually?) hope-filled in this, which I think bely the (ostensibly) bleak ending. Themes are familiar, and as always, resonate. Cleverness, projected cleverness, expectation. Settling & telling yourself you're not and barely being able to live with it. Such a topical tension-pragmatism and idealism. Global recession? Change the world! Be realistic. Dream big.

There aren't, I don't think, answers in your stories, but that's good, since the more important thing is to be asking the question.

Reading things from you always feels like surfacing from a dreaming state, so, thank you. It's been too long and I needed to be reminded what feeling actually is.
8/24/2013 c1 Annie Christ
I think it's safe to say you understand why I find this piece so resounding. It’s loud. This story is so loud to me. It’s been just over ten days since I read it and it’s something that had to simmer for a while before I could come back to it and give you any kind of praise, analysis, etc.

There were moments—such as when Axel is gunning for his purpose even though deep down he understands ‘saving souls’ is some watered down attempt to reconcile with how askew he’s gone—that were relatable in the kind of way that only comes from someone who’s been there. This is a theme we keep going back and forth with, I think. Writing what you know, but of course, I could be making assumptions, too. You fuck up and the only kind of coping mechanism you can muster is telling those younger than you why it’s important they don’t make your same mistakes. Don’t get locked down, don’t quit, don’t save face with an act, and don’t burn up those formative years with wasteful ideas of yourself in an attempt to impress others. Make something of yourself while you can is what I hatched from this, but that’s just my interpretation.

And then Axel’s attention from his professor. It was eerie and upsetting but not in a way that ruined the piece for me, of course. It made it. Personal reasons made that the winner, but still. It’s amazing how a single act can ruin everything. After years of working, studying and building up the confidence in your abilities isn’t it awesome how it can be shattered by a single fucking moment? (Sorry if this review is caustic. It's not meant to be negative.) Then there’re the inexcusable roadblocks that build up and no one around you necessarily understands why progression isn’t happening. You're landed with; don't let it destroy you, get over it, it’s been a year and you’re wasting so why don’t you move your own ass if you’re such a source of wisdom? All the time. That is me every single day—minus the wisdom because what does a twenty-year-old know in the grand scheme of things?

The writing was remarkable, though. Themes aside it was witty and even humorous with an incredible balance of you know—misery and hope. Thanks for taking the time on this and sharing it. It’s one of my favorite fics to date. This isn't much of a review, but I had to get back to you on it.
8/20/2013 c1 1thequietreader
This was fucking beautiful, like so much of your work. Intense, but easy to read despite its weight. Heavy-handed, yes, but poetic, it made me feel like Roxas does by the end. Like someone was preaching to me, and I KNOW that they're preaching, but they are saying things that I want to be told. As someone on the edge between punk bitch and top of the class, at the cusp of college, and (less significantly) in a minimum-wage job full of college students and drop-outs and liberal arts majors with nowhere to go, this hit pretty close to home. But it hit all the right buttons, and I want to thank you for that. I was definitely sad by the time Roxas changes his pretensions from gangsta to sociopathy, and very sad at the ending, but I appreciate the necessity of the plot twists. I just hate to imagine Axel's professor, receiving notice that his best student, fallen from grace and clawing his way back up, won't be coming back after all.
8/17/2013 c1 Fan.Fiction.Love
This story was amazing! Axel and Roxas touched and learned from each other. There was so much wisdom and hidden learning and caring.

Maybe I'm a sappy idealist, but I think the story would have worked just as well with a happier ending. I like to think that with Axel in his life, and i have no doubt he would have stayed in his life, that Roxas would have found his way onto the same path that he was on at the end.
8/15/2013 c1 10FormlessOrphan8
:( That was really sad. You warned us, but damn. I liked it a lot. I really like your writing style.
8/15/2013 c1 The Infernal Lady
Fuck. Making me cry like that.
It was brilliant.
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