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2/13 c20 Moon of Hell
It's weird, for some reason my tablet gave me an alert for this story not complaining I enjoyed rereading the chapter. But now I'm kind of upset because its been 4 years and I really want to know what happens next!
1/19/2020 c1 CountOrlok777
nice timing.
10/2/2018 c20 5WanderingStudent
Good to see you wrapped this up in the end - I've been thinking about going back to my own EVA fic and finishing it up because of this. Plus I can honestly say I had more fun with this than The Predator, for better or worse.

On a side note, I know Asuka loses her eye on the regular, but damn son - you must be out for blood! :D
9/25/2018 c20 7JonathanO'Riley
My reaction to that last scene...

www . youtube watch?vAXzEcwYs8Eo
10/21/2017 c20 DOS73
Thank you for writing this story I quite enjoyed it very much and I look forward to reading the next instalment keep up the great work.
4/16/2017 c20 ATP
12/30/2016 c20 2shadowrunner22
Wow man this is a perfect end man, So Shinji and Misato finally F***ed and I loved his confession, it makes him so... human. Gendo reveled he bigger bastard than befor and Kaji has ties with STARKE... I wonder how, and finally Gamaru has a 7-yrs Shinji is stasis so does that mean that Curved blade is a clone or the young Shinji is a clone? Anyway take a good break from this but don't forget it man, So EPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPIC chapter and have a Happy New Year!
12/29/2016 c20 4RealRemainder
Damn right it was a long wait. Although the fact you were hospitalized is kind of a free pass for this. I think we're all glad it wasn't very serious.


-He handed Adamover. - Forgot a space: "handed Adam over."

-Misato came too with a massive headache - In this case it's 'to' as in 'come to', wake up: "Misato came to with a massive"

-Isawthiscoming - forgot ALL spaces: "I saw this coming"

-didn't seethiscoming. - Again with the missing spaces: "didn't see this coming."

-somethingand - again, missed a space: "something and"

-he'sdisapointedin - again, forgot ALL spaces: "he's disapointed in"

-hell isthis?! - Are missing spaces a thing in this chapter? "hell is this?!"

-he was meathead's mom! - AUGH! Asuka is talkng of Za Wamu, a woman: "she was meathead's mom!"

-will beyond their grasp - Forgot the 'be': "will de beyond their grasp"

-world willnotend. - seriously? it's "world will not end."

-All of these. Quite a few this time... huh...

Holy crap, Yui was maimed and raped before she was rescued by humans?! Shit...

Hmmm. Wondering why this chapter is named 'beloved'.

Gaun angry is scary... But we should never forget that a Yautja elder is just as scary. So where is Adam now? 'Who' are they talking about?

Oh, crap, Misato can't possibly take this kind of heat for Shinji. Nice to see her being blantantly possessive of him, but I think she's going to 'out' them if she keeps that up...

Ah, Shinji, you have no idea how weird Kaworu is. What does ths knowledge Kaworu has actually implies though? And I thought Shinji was starting to fear death again? Is he just keeping up appearences for Kaworu? Does this mean Kaworu will turn on him later? Ah, the questions.

I thought Asuka would take 'I just lost my eye' better than this. Though I guess anyone would be miserable. Oh shit she didn't show any cheeriness towards Kaji... Gee I wonder why...

Oh... Oh holy shit, we're about to see Lilith aren't we? Yup there it is, right after some section 02 defiance...

HOLY shit, I can't believe Gendo is just laying down the law like that. I guess he's got no choice, since normal intimidation won't work on Shinji. Of course he already knew Ritsuko was pregnant... This laying down of facts and other stuff was kind of heavy. Even Misato kind of defied him at some point. Of course she's beyond upset at an the Angel in the basement.

Indeed Gendo deserves to die, Shinji. Even he admits it.

Holy crap Seele actually told Kaworu they would like him to... 'come on' to Shinji? Shit! Hmmm. Shinji's rage tainting instrumentality actually sounds plausible... and interesting.

Misato reliving the week of recovery down in the Geofront was a good way of exposition. Ha, of course she missed Shinji so much.
Aaaaaaaand there's the call out to the chapter... So, finally Shinji said it. I thought it would be a bigger deal than this. I also thought Misato would make a big deal out of it too. Maybe confess she never heard it from anyone, not even Kaji? Just saying.

Oh shit, his father interrupted he and Misato just as Misato lunged at him lol. Maybe that's why. Lol I remember in the Manga it's Shinji that calls Gendo. Oh... oh holy crap Shinji wants-? OH ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Are they really doing it?! Don't cut to Gendo dishing Ritsuko after something like that!

Ah, there we go! I've wanted to see this for a long time! And damn, that is some vivid detail. Nice... Good thing Misato was, ahem, experienced. Even better that Shinji asked her to never leave and vowed to never leave either. I would have liked it more if they had talked about it more though. For example Misato could have mentioned nobody ever told her that she was loved, not even Kaji.

Wow... Rei was at the house... did she hear Shinji and Misato? Anyway, who was at the do-? Holy crap it's Asuka... Wonder what the 'pirate girl' wants now. HOLY SHIT now she has a date with Shinji... Wonder how Misato is gonna take that. What does 'Auf Wiedersehen' means by the way?

Dude! Dick move Shinji, don't just leave your woman in the afterglow like that! At least he promissed to make it up to her. Hmm, wonder what he's gonna do. Ah, and he went to the grave of his 'bearer'. Nice how he's (apperently) over it and his relationship with Gaun didn't change.

"Afterword"? That's new...

Holy shit Kaji is talking to Za Kuma. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAhA Za Kuma Smokes?! Are you serious?! HAHAHAHA! I wonder what Za Kuma's master can get from Kaji in exchange of the info he's giving.

Hmm, it seems Weyland found Keel. Interesting.

Ah, the elder of the Sinister Eye, yes? Hly sht the bad bloods are horrible lol. I gotta say, this is some very scary setting up for the third book... "Za Sanadamushi" looks impossibly bad ass even though he was barely described here. "The tapeworm" is it?

Ah, Gamaru. He calls Kaji 'progenitor'? Why? HOLY CRAP he has a shinji clone?! OMG?! WHAT?! And he hates Yui for some reason. And some other important people. Damn. I can't believe this is where the book ends. Talk about forebouding...

Actually, I'm very glad Shinji and Misato got together finally. It's all cool. Take your time.

Hey cool! Thank you for the shout out and for letting me adapt this awesome story! Happy new year to you too. 2016 has been HELL, not different...
12/29/2016 c20 red demon161
Glad to see an update. Its sad to see it finished. Though I am glad we got our Shinji/Misato scene. I can't wait for the sequel.
12/29/2016 c20 17kriitikko
So sorry to hear life has thrown ordeals on your way. I hope that you'll feel better and maybe one day finish this story. It is too good to become yet another unfinished fic in the sea of fics. That being said, of course take your time and get your mojo back going. ;)
12/29/2016 c20 1Legionnas
Is Gamaru related to shinji ikari? Is the Zaibatsu and STARKE from an alternate timeline?
12/25/2016 c19 ATP
Merry take your time.P.S - people/me/ want Shinji/Katsurafi ship.
9/16/2016 c19 Christopher
I've been reading both of your stories I simply love them. And I wonder if you are going to let shinji and misato come together and make love. . It would be great if asuka and shinji finally got along with one another.
9/13/2016 c19 red demon161
Damn this was a great chapter. Poor Asuka she lost her eye. She tries not to show it but she cares about Shinji. Yui and Gendo were both monsters Shinji is better off with Misato.
9/12/2016 c19 4RealRemainder
Wow, big chapter. I suppose that's okay sisnce the end of book 2 is aproaching. Maybe 20 will be even bigger. I'm stalling but oh man, I always finds myself filled with trepidation when this updates...


-Makanami, just leave the Angel - Mari's name is Makinami: "Makinami, just leave"

-Asuka was petrified as they became eye, the Yui-clone - Um, i think you meant "Asuka was petrified as they became eye to eye, the Yui-clone"

-That's It, just those two.

Your grimmest fight ever?! Really?! Holy shit...

Oh boy.. they can't help Mana fight the hybrid? Damn. How is the fact they did help her going to look like in the future? HOLY FUCKING SHIT, Nam's arm! NOOOO! At least it gave her the strenght to kill the hyrid. I thought you would use him more, maybe show him impregnating some of the humans. I think everybody will be proud of Mana.

Oh Mari, you sly dog. I'm thinking she's going to come on to Shinji pretty strong? Holy shit the catapult tossed her Eva into air lol. And she sees the Angel as she is coming back down, of course.

Trident survived 'Korea'? Oh boy I wonder what happened...? And now the iportant question: Can Trident take out Za Wamu? No, not before she escaped it seems...

Misato looking panicked? Holy shit... Still pretty grim situation. And I don't think that the shots she fired at Za Wamu AND the missiles shot at her are going to be enough to keep Za Wamu down...

Oh man, predators busting out! Damn, Nam has a stump now? I thought they'd try to save his arm... well shit, does the clan have prostetics? This is very grim indeed. Haha, jelous Koji.

Well at least the Angel was handled easily... Kind of fast actually. I suppose there's n point in dwelling on a fight that was pretty much identical to the anime, except with Kaworu in unit 06 instead of Shinji.

Oh boy, is Misato going to show Shinji some of her lingerie or something? She seems pretty confident she'll be able to, ahem, "rock his world"... And Shinji seems to be wanting it too! Haha, I can barely wait to see those two finally shack up! I don't even care it'll probably be off-camera!

Aaawww, the pilots snugle up and Shinji calls Asuka a bitch. Hehe nice scene and- GASP! What? Misato's truck knocked off of the ground?! I KNEW Za Wamu wasn't out yet. Holy crap! Asuka's eye! AAAAH! That's painful... I guess you will be going for a 'Asuka in rebuild 3.0' look? And I'm guessing Wamu looks like Yui?

Lol, Rei was just a distraction huh? Well done! But of course she is not out yet and now, holy crap, she broke Rei's wrist.

Finally Shinji is going to behead her after taking her limbs and her intestines out and he even vomitted. Jesus...

Augh, Gendo stopped him from beheading her. Shit. Oh... oh holy shit, he said the worst thing possible. So Za Wamu DOES looks like Yui. Amazing how Gendo loses himself when it comes to his wife... And so does Shinji apparently. I've a question: Why does Gendo care so much about a mature Yui clone?

Damn... never ignite a predator's rage... Oh boy, with Shinji hating Yui like that, how is his absortion going to be like, when he 'meets' Yui face to face? Aw man, I wanted to see Shinji rip out Za wamu's spine and skull, not Asuka shoot her... And the chaper ended. Oh boy, everyone Shnji cares about is gonna be imprisoned aren't they?

Can't wait for the final chapter. I think Shinji is finally gonna get some lovin'. Also wondering what 'coming to terms' with lost limbs means...
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