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9/15/2021 c13 lovlylobster
I think they said “I love you” too early.
9/15/2021 c10 lovlylobster
Oh shit
9/15/2021 c9 lovlylobster
My god. So is Oliver dead?
9/15/2021 c2 lovlylobster
I’m already completely enjoying this
5/7/2021 c19 28Arc-Shipping99
This is one of the best Spitfire fics I’ve ever read! Great Job!
3/15/2021 c16 Michael
you are amazing
its kind of the bare minimum but it irks me so much when writers have really weird and just totally wrong things logistically/legally. idk why but it just does. it was amazing how accurately you wrote it i was so happy.
3/14/2021 c8 Michael
unrelated but i just had the cleanest inhale of crisp fresh air
4/10/2018 c3 Artemis Sydney
can you send me a copy of all the stories of the Cinderella story with artemis and wally to my email at
4/10/2018 c2 Artemis Sydney
How did Wally break up with Linda and where did Artemis meet Wally? I was wondering what would happen if Linda turned evil and tried to kill Artemis?
4/6/2018 c10 ChanceToBeImmortal
reading this has acc given me a huge migraine, in a way its a good story. but it literally seems like you've watched several crime dramas in a row to get your inspiration, and you didn't even think about it properly or do your research cause Artemis shouldn't still be fully ok after that because you portrayed her as weak even tho Artemis is such a badass and I was waiting for that to come up in her character but it didn't. honestly I don't like the subject your writing about but I was like oh pets see if things are happy at the end but I honestly couldn't do it I even skipped I few chapters to see if things were better but then one minute Artemis is getting shouted at the next she gets stabbed then she's a sex was a so depressing and if your gonna write about a touchy subject like this do your research the least you could have done is given Artemis character a little hope or not let her think that she was weak and a coward.
3/4/2018 c7 4chihirobaby
Hey so I only read the first seven chapters before i had to stop. I would first like to say that this AU definitely works for this pairing and I wish more people would explore it. However, this work and AU you have created is horrible. I mean the writing is good, but it’s very clear you do not understand how abuse works or how to properly write about abuse.

First of all, the amount of abuse Artemis is suffering is horrendous. It’s actually incredibly horrific and terrifying. And that’s fine if you want to explore something dark but you are not giving it the weight it deserves. This girl is being beaten every day (more than usual), emotionally abused, and also a sex slave? The last one really kills me. It’s so briefly mentioned and I am so sickened by it. Like you did not need this aspect to make us feel bad for her and you especially shouldn’t have included it if you weren’t prepared to deal with the severe and complex emotional consequences. Her father is LITERALLY SELLING HER BODY AND ALL WE GET IS ARTEMIS WONDERING WHY SHES SO WEAK.

Second, I can’t with her friends and the victim blaming you are doing. This narrative of abuse victims needing to “defeat” their abusers is so SO harmful. Like you have literally set it up as Artemis is just too “weak” to escape her abuse. Do you even understand how insulting and demeaning and ignorant that is? People in abusive relationships should not be blamed for their situation, and you can not call them weak for not leaving. Especially CHILDREN. How can you call a child (news flash, 16 a child) weak for not “”””escaping”””” her abuser. Also her friends are going to blame her, get angry that she didn’t tell them, and then not tell authorities?

Look. I have no idea how old you were when you wrote this, and your writing is pretty good. But this subject matter is NOT. You clearly do not understand this extremely complex and difficult subject enough to be writing about it. To me it seems like you thought of the worst things possible to do to Artemis and then wrote them. Why not just stick to the simplified Cinderella abuse? THAT I could understand no depth as it’s written that way. But to sensationalize abuse this way and VICTIM BLAME is just. I have to say something.

This is harmful and ignorant. I say this in hopes that you maybe modify or remove this story. I say this in the hopes other readers will see this and consider what they’re reading as well. Mostly I hope YOU will read this and not just be insulted or offended, but consider what I am saying and learn. Not to be dramatic, but it is the amount of things like this- this horrible misinterpretation of abuse and abuse survivors- that help create an abuse culture in the US.
9/23/2017 c19 shauna flynn
my god amazing
6/30/2017 c3 Rydel
This chapter made me cry so much
4/7/2017 c7 Guest
Um, I am sorry. I know that this story was updated a long time ago but I just wanted to say that the part when Jade was speaking vietnamese is wrong.
I know that Google translate sometime isn't good but what it translated means: "I am your younger sister sorry".
It is supposed to be: " Chị rất xin lỗi em gái à"
Or "tôi xin lỗi em gái"
I am sorry to bother you with this comment but I just wanted to let you know
10/16/2016 c1 Guest
This depiction of highschool is too cringey. I couldn't make it through chapter 2
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