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for A Cinderella Story

7/19/2014 c19 17PhantomPierce-Okamoto
*sobs uncontrollably*
I'm so happy to have found this story. You are a fantastic writer, never stop!
7/17/2014 c19 7poppyflowerpoet
Thats so cuuuuuuuuute!
7/14/2014 c19 21 is awesome
Best Cinderella story evver. Make a sequel all three. Make it a fluffy love story aboutthe rest of there lives and theee kids. Have Lawrene or someone else come as a villain. Like Linda. She's bitter and wants revenge.
7/14/2014 c18 21 is awesome
I never realized how much spitfure is like Percbeth. Both ships would die without both membees. Artemis is everything to Wally and Artemis Wally. Percy couldnt live without Annabeth and Annabeth Percy.
7/13/2014 c13 21 is awesome
If I had an account. I woud favorite this story. It is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooooood
7/13/2014 c5 21 is awesome
I love how in the different versions they always drop something. Artemis arrows. Sam her cellphone. Cinderella her glass slipper. In Rags he drops a CD
7/13/2014 c19 unknown reader
That was so adorable it makes me want to cry tears of joy! I love your story, your an amazing writer. Keep up the work! XD
7/12/2014 c19 Yaz
Okay, that was one of the most interesting and beautiful fanfiction I've read in quite a while. The ending actually made me tear up, and it was extremely well written. I don't think you should let her dad break out but give her a newish enemy to battle
Thank you for writing!
7/12/2014 c19 charmsnitch364
I am crying...so hard...but it's happy tears...and I want this to be real...
7/11/2014 c19 Breathlessmoments
Omg this felt really good to finish I loved the whole thing much
7/10/2014 c19 2Zatanna Carrile
That is truly a fairytail ending, well done!
7/10/2014 c19 ChalantShipper
This is the best story ever! I've never read a story so good with Chalant, Spitfire, AND SuperMartian! I caught your hint of Tula and Kaldur (can't find their ship name). I find that Lawrence escaping wouldn't make a good sequel because he sort of apologized.
7/10/2014 c19 arrowflash
The vows...I cried.
That was really cute and I love with another story either traught for spirtfire.
I also wanted to know of you have reed the story (Artemis Crock and the Quest of the Crest of Kings.) I can't find it no matter the times I look for it and I haven't finished reading it either. If you know the aruther of the story could you pm me on my account TigerArrowgirl. I just made the account not to long ago.
7/10/2014 c19 sara.mintz.9
I completely and truly loved... I cried... Oh man did I cry thank you so much for the beautifully typed story...
7/10/2014 c19 36PainInSilence
Omg! That was like the best ending ever!
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