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for Wally the prisoner of fairies

9/3/2018 c6 Guest
This was a very interesting story! It was a bit dark and twisted in places but I liked it, sad to see you stopped at Chapter 6... I really wanted to know what would happen!
6/4/2017 c1 Guest
why go through all the trouble...
if a male can easily mate with multiple female?
11/2/2016 c6 Guest
Love it
6/2/2016 c1 DeletedTheGhost
I will never look at Ralts the same ever again, this adorable white baby elf kidnaps children and subjects them to rape and exploitation by its evolved forms.
6/11/2015 c3 Otaku King
You deserve a medal you're writing has not suffered that much good job
2/22/2015 c6 Guest
This is a really cool fic, if I were to criticise it would be that there are a lot of grammatical mistakes, like words missing, wrong tenses etc. I would give this 4/5 stars .
12/8/2014 c6 1Hayabusa Goro
Man I hope you have a great ending. I feel bad for Wally in his situation since he dies without the fruit. Although can't he just keep one fruit to himself until after he defeats the Gardeviors then plant the fruit's seeds in the area, and live off of that. If there was love between the captives and the Gardevoirs then I wouldn't complain about staying there forever, but no love is just torture.
6/5/2014 c6 EylmARC
hey great story. can you update it more often and make it good ending please..
1/12/2014 c6 Update now
Update now is just a name
Ohhhhhhhhhhh chapter 6 is Suspected Super Suspicious
Cause it is Unless im just
too dense to rellize or am i dense i really don't suspect myself as dense but i'm 10% dense i'll tell you that! i think!
1/2/2014 c6 7Tessler
Long time no see, this chapter, twisted as it was, was definitely worth the wait. I really love where this story is going. It took me a few seconds to realize what the stones were, but I'm not going to bother spoiling the surprise. Spelling and grammar are in top condition.
12/31/2013 c5 Someting r us D
Oh soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Goood Finish it Please please please I'll let my ditto Abandon the daycare (though will go there again with another ditto Witch i will battle agentst and as team uped with the old ditto I WILL NICKNAME guess

Wally yep thanks ta yah! :D
oh and i for got how to spell erm Sa-PlY-S there so from now on i'm drum roll please
*drum roll*

SHINY DEERLING if that fits to the max heh heh
if not i'll be
Ok bye
Shiny Deerling out
12/31/2013 c4 Supplies R us D
ALL right all right Yes my ditto is at the Daycare
resourceful research about me! (darn)
1 Ditto used to breed one pokemon a mouth
2 if don't pick up egg No eggs are "Made" tell picked up
3 i don't pick'em up for a long time (if it where possble in the game they would all ready hatch)
4. i battle with ditto to see and discover new moves
is at the daycare for training i don't have that much time
6 i really do care for ditto
7 hell Discover Me I'm a Pokémon Breeder Trainer and if one more dedication to dittos
8. Ditto Is a POKÉMON
10: i love this book so far i'm half way there Sorry about being rude about it Forgive me and if your writeing a book respond on the extras every writer does :D
9/10/2013 c5 Tessler
I'm still loving this story. I also love the symbolism with the names of Wally's kids. Somehow I feel their names are a foreshadow to something big...
8/27/2013 c4 1Numbershooter
uhm i actually use ditto as a full timer on my team (yes sometime put into the daycare if i want a 100% chance at a rare pokemon but still important on my team) so do not go on about dittos not having anywhere to go beside the daycare
8/27/2013 c4 7Tessler
Regardless of which direction this story takes, I'm still enjoying reading it. And thinking about it, I confess. many times have I used a ditto for breeding. But to be fair, I have a Japanese Ditto with Pokérus in my Soul Silver that's there for producing me shinnies. Wow, I got really off subject. Anyway, I still love what I am reading, and as I have said before, I can't wait to read more!
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