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for Harry Potter: King of the Amazons

1/23 c41 Cwhit930
This was a good badass Harry story. Thanks for the share.
1/22 c41 jamman428
10/10 no more words needed
1/18 c4 Guest
So, not only do you condone pedophilia by having Harry marry and sire children at age 7, but you also condone slavery? That’s messed up.
1/16 c41 NulledVoid
1/16 c3 tricorvus
Great story
Rock on
1/9 c28 Noy
Why is your french OC without family name ?
Every other judge was adressed by Bagman by their full name, he was the only one to just be called by his first name.
1/6 c8 Mastersgtjames
really...? This would be declaring war. This is just too dumb for me. Was honestly trying to get through the story, cuz I liked the premise. But, this is too much, too fast, and too dumb.
1/6 c7 Mastersgtjames
don't get why MC answers any and all questions asked. Why he does not attack anyone, even when they deserve it. Or why he is fighting being called Master, King, Highness, etc...
1/6 c6 Mastersgtjames
really feels... childish. I mean, Hermione is so over the top. Also, Why do all these children keep insulting, threatening, and looking down on the MC. When he is an Adult. A short one, maybe. But he has a beard.
1/6 c3 Mastersgtjames
He gave away the mining rights to the mine, with no mention of whether any of the mined gold will belong to the goblins or to him. So it can be assumed to belong to the goblins.
1/5 c41 AsashiOfSapphire
Which honestly has quite a bit of it disillusioned by the fact you made it so short. Something it appears that even after a few years you have made no attempts to rectify.
1/5 c41 3Deathmvp
great work on this story. Thank you for sharing
1/3 c2 stylo1
a potion to give the body of a child the abilities of a grown man. a prophecy with additional instructions if it happens another way then expected. becoming a king at 7 with all the women and slaves he wants.

yeah one word: retarded
1/2 c41 levi.hall.9279
I thoroughly enjoyed the story
12/31/2020 c41 ILoveGeorgeEads
I loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved it.
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