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9/7/2021 c16 Azkipi
¡Aww! que bonita historia, ¿Por qué no la encontré antes? muchas gracias por escribirla <3
5/14/2021 c14 3Yuzuki476
Please update this interesting story soon.
9/26/2020 c8 Yuzuki476
Am happy that hinata defend sasuke from that stupid councilar.
9/26/2020 c7 Yuzuki476
Sasuke really does like to tease hinata alot and sakura needs to grow the hell up.
9/26/2020 c6 Yuzuki476
Hahaha poor naruto he's going have to deal with Tora again.
9/26/2020 c5 Yuzuki476
Things are going to be very interesting for sasuke and hinata and their team mates.
9/26/2020 c4 Yuzuki476
Why did sasuke look shocked to find out that hinata is a Anbu? Hinata has always been strong. It's a shame sasuke that fact you did married sakura in the naruto shippuden series and even had a daughter as well.
9/26/2020 c3 Yuzuki476
Am glad that sasuke is warming up to hinata in his own way. Looks like a enemy appeared.
9/26/2020 c2 Yuzuki476
Well done with this chapter.
9/26/2020 c1 Yuzuki476
Thank you for making this a Sasuhina story and sasuke really shouldn't have a judge hinata so wrongful.
3/14/2020 c16 betsyni 148
¡yo, yo me apunto a leerlo, por fa escribe un buen final ! yeeei
1/13/2020 c16 Reikannn
This story is beautiful, im really enjoy to read. And u make realistic how to made they are like in anime. Sorry my english is bad hahaha but i love u and thank you
1/13/2020 c9 Reikannn
Sanji X Hinata its good idea
11/9/2019 c16 animeislifenolie
Dear author
I read the last post you send and I'll gladly read the ending of undercover
6/9/2019 c16 MlleShadow
Thanks for a great story! I really enjoyed reading it, and my inner Gaahina fan briefly hoped this would turn into a Gaahina story when he appeared during the ball hahaha
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