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1/5/2014 c11 4Ivy feline
1/3/2014 c11 kandita
Damn can this story just keep out doing each chapter.
1/3/2014 c10 kandita
Now this completely threw me off guard. I mean I thought that the royal advisor was going to kill the daimyo at the ball and make if look like an accident. But, to go as far to kidnap his guys. But, now that Hinata reveal their true identy will Sanji pursue her now? I mean it's pretty obvious that he was attracted to her from the moment they met.
1/3/2014 c9 kandita
I think that it was really sweet if Sasuke to tell Hinata that she looked beautiful. It took a lot for him since he's been ignoring her. I honestly wasn't expecting the Kazekage at all. That was a surprised
1/2/2014 c11 hailedh
WOW! I Love this. nice story
I want more romantic scane SASUHINA! :P
12/31/2013 c11 NaruHinalover19
oh my gosh this chapter was so good please write more and Happy New Year :D
12/28/2013 c11 Hina chan
Can't wait for more
12/28/2013 c11 NarutoImagine01
Sooo interesting... but i beg you... dont let ANYBODY die! I wont bear it (((
12/28/2013 c11 uchiaboy
this story is great , excellent writing update more
12/28/2013 c11 Guest
Do you know how happy you made me today.

Im so glad you updated oh ja i like your villian and the demons. Cant wait for the next chapter
Keep up the good work
12/30/2013 c11 misao97
Ohmygosh i just started reading this and i freaking love it! You're chapters are so well written and i absolutely love you're undercover concept and the plot! Please update soon! I just can't wait to read more, gambatte!
12/30/2013 c11 6Fushigi Doll
I would have to apologize for not reviewing the previous chapters. However, i was so caught up with the story that i wanted to know immediately what's going to happen next. Sadly, the chapters has come to an end and i would have to wait for the next update. So, instead of mulling over it, i want to tell you that I have loved everything about this fanfic. You had kept every chapter, every scene and every character so interesting that I found myself simply wanting more. I look forward to your update and keep up the good work :)
12/29/2013 c11 cocopuff123
I love that guy Nakamura "I'm not about to tell you my entire plan and then some how you miraculously escape and defeat me." Thank you a villan that's doesn't tell the good guy his plan.
12/29/2013 c11 5Veraozao
love it, kiss
12/28/2013 c11 Sansational Puns
GO SASUKE! Help Hinata, hurry you dope!
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