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12/16/2013 c10 2FluffyPenguins143
Go Hinata go! I love you for updating! Update soon :D
12/16/2013 c10 3MuffinMan9223
Great story so far, Hinata is awesome.
12/16/2013 c10 narujordanna
yeah go hinata :)
12/16/2013 c10 13aurora0914
Awesome! thank you for updating, update soon!
12/14/2013 c9 5Veraozao
love it. kissus
12/11/2013 c9 reneelg1963
This was an intriguing chapter! I loved it! can't wait to find out who was screaming and what will transpire...
12/9/2013 c9 rhydimgirl1899
Noooo I hate cliffhangers
12/9/2013 c9 Hinachan
Please update soon I just love this story!
12/11/2013 c9 10nyo-mila
Oooh my pleass upda
This story is getting better and better *-*
12/10/2013 c9 cocopuff123
Hell yeah! Things are about to go down can't wait till the next chapter!
12/10/2013 c9 2FluffyPenguins143
Holy fudge monkies! Its was just getting good! Why?! Update soon! I need to know what happens next!
12/10/2013 c9 wolf-enzeru
don't know if I'm getting greedy lately about this story, but I just feel, it was too short... definitely my addiction is only growing stronger ! Please like always update soon :)
12/10/2013 c9 2alee26606
Thanks for the update!

Sasuke, you should make sure that you really really keep a close eye on who Hinata is dancing with. haha


12/10/2013 c9 3MuffinMan9223
Oh mahhh Gurrrdddd. Cliffhanger from HELL. really great story so far, just a suggestion for a scene if you don't mind.

Sasuke gets his revenge on the overly friendly Sanji (Which i am not surprised of that, given his name)
Sanji is not a shinobi and has no shinoibi training, so he would probably never know if he was being put under a genjutsu. Nothing overtly obvious as an illusion but something that would make him do something that would otherwise embarrass him. Hell if I were Sasuke I would definitely fuck with people using my genjutsu. Considering that his is almost up to par with Itachi's. later on ofcourse, since right now they are probably going to have to deal with that scream.
12/9/2013 c9 13aurora0914
yees. This story is getting interesting. Please update soon, and more SasuHIna moments!
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