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12/1/2013 c8 cocopuff123
Great chapter can't wait till the next one. I just adore SasuHina they are such a cute couple and I think hinata is better for sasuke than any other girl.
12/1/2013 c8 7Hawkllama
I can't wait to see(read, whatever)what happens at the ball! I hope they kiss soon, because you my friend are a whole new level of cruel! :( They should kiss! Damn you Naruto! :(
12/1/2013 c8 17Fher34
Oh u r cruel believe it! :D anyway awesome chapter! Ah! This is so exciting! I can't wait for the next upload! Please type faster! LOL ur story always puts me in a good writing mood :D
11/30/2013 c7 LoneWolfPack
Interesting story! I love HinataxSasuke pairings. Plz update soon! :D
11/28/2013 c7 Ryu-Zero-Rei
This is interesting. You are focusing on a nice little story, without going into to much detail of how Sasuke came back: I like it, making it so loosely on this part helps to blend it much more easier into the original story.

Good work and a pleasure to read.

11/28/2013 c7 1rhydumgirl1899
11/23/2013 c6 Guest
Ha! Tora...
... I hate that cat.
11/24/2013 c7 13aurora0914
great chapter! I loved the SasuHina. Can the kiss now?
Update soon!
11/24/2013 c7 wolf-enzeru
So happy this update was made so soon!
11/24/2013 c7 7Sapphire Blizzard
I hope we see more of Tora. I must be a sadist because I find it absolutely hilarious with Naruto chasing him around and getting scratched up. Good story. I love the Sasu/Hina relationship. It's strange Oh and you need to make a few corrections. Please take no offence to this because I suck at grammar/spelling too and I will tell you this with the utmost respect because I love your story. You keep using "defiantly"-(rebellious manner) for "definitely"-(without a doubt). I made the same mistake when I first started writing but I'm now catching myself.
11/24/2013 c7 7Hawkllama
Yeaaaaaaaaa some SasuHina action!
11/24/2013 c1 7Sapphire Blizzard
Everyone was in character and it was kind of funny. I loved the idea of Tsunade driving like a crazy manic on that carriage because I can totally see her doing that! XD
11/24/2013 c7 17Fher34
Quick update! Yay! :D nice chappie...wait get that son of a daymo away from my hime! She belongs to sasuke xD and kishimoto...n me lol
11/21/2013 c1 Guest
I really enjoy reading this. And i like how you describe the feelings of hinata and sasuke and the progress of there relationship.
So keep up the got work
And i hope you update soon again
11/20/2013 c6 reneelg1963
Wow! This was an interesting chpater. I enjoyed that part where Sasuke and Hinata have become very comfortable with one another and the fact that Sasuke showed a little jealousy... I have always believed that Hinata is meant for Sasuke! Naruto and Sakura are too loud and Annoying! Can't wait for the next chapter! Good Luck!
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