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10/24/2013 c5 11ArtisticAngel6
Please continue this story loving it so far!
10/8/2013 c5 Megingjoro

We are making progress people. We're starting off with a teensy bit/hint of a thing they call: ATTRACTION.

And we'll stand back and watch the magic. :)

10/8/2013 c4 Megingjoro
So you included Neji's death in this fic huh? I was kinda wondering about that. As much as I would have liked for him to be alive, (he would've been the ultimate overprotective bro for Hinata so Sasuke and him would have locked horns XD) I think it's okay for him to be dead.

Still miss him though.


10/8/2013 c1 Megingjoro
To be honest, I've been waiting for SO long for a fic like this. With this setting, this characterization, this pairing.

You just made one girl very very happy. :)

Good luck and I'll be sure to favourite this. ;)

ArYa (official account name: aryaputra )
10/7/2013 c5 corpus-luteum
I love it!
10/7/2013 c5 wolf-enzeru
I love this fanfic , I hope to see update soon, I'm hook up with the story.
10/3/2013 c4 SS
10/5/2013 c5 13aurora0914
10/5/2013 c5 2alee26606
Yehey! Thanx for the update!

Haha. I tried the breathing on the nose and on the nouth instruction about being silent... And I think I'm more silent on breathing on the mouth. Haha

I really love this chapter! I'm sure next chapy would be intens. Haha.

9/29/2013 c1 Robotchick1
next chapter please! i love this story
9/19/2013 c4 13aurora0914
wow! a great start! now, if ud update soon, thatd makr it even greater!
9/17/2013 c4 reneelg1963
This was an Awesome chapter! I love that both Sasuke and Hinata are slowly connecting. I love SasuHina! Can't wait for the next chapter, I am truly enjoying this fabric.
9/14/2013 c4 Guest
yay i love this story ! thanks for the update ! good chappie
9/14/2013 c4 26rubyxblade
You've got a great start. Just remember to proof read , or get a friend to read your story. There's a few mishandled phrases and words, but I still am enjoying it! Please continue.
9/14/2013 c4 Robotchick1
I was just thinking about how someone should write an undercover story of these two a couple weeks ago. I love the way you're going with the story, keep up the good work (although, one thing i stress is Sasukes attitude, don't let him soften to soon)
, and I know its K but itd be more interesting if you bumped it up to T
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