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4/11/2014 c16 2hyuciha
I would read it i would defnitly read i love the fanfiction so please write the epilogue hell you would make me happy if you write a entire sequel but i dont see that happing i just feel sad it has come to a end
4/11/2014 c16 shorttsttack
Aghhhh I love it. I love everything about this story. I'm so sad though that this is the end. You have no idea how happy I got when I saw a new update. I really hope that you do write a sequel about Hinata and Sasuke's wedding. That honestly would be the charry to top of this amazing fic. You are an AMAZING writer and I hope you keep writing even if it's not SasuHina, but if you do write more SasuHina fic's id love to read them.
4/11/2014 c16 6unohanadeesha
You are AWESOME. Yes yes yes post the epilogue. Will be waiting :)
4/11/2014 c16 53Andreaeb182
Please post it! I'll read it!
4/10/2014 c16 wolf-enzeru
Thanks for such a good story and I say yes to the epilogue because I totally agreed the story need more lol we can't get enough... one of my fave fic of all time I will re-read again :)
4/10/2014 c16 Kibachow
This story was good. I normally don't read k rated stories too much but thus one was good. Love to read one more chapter.
4/10/2014 c16 Colbalt Sunfire
Great ending, it was a very nice way to end things without leaving us too unsatisfied. I especially liked the part that took place a year later.
I really hope that you really do decide to add an epilogue, and as much as I kinda wanna see the wedding, I really want to see everybody's reaction at finding out their newfound relationship and their feelings when they hear that she's marrying him.
4/10/2014 c16 cocopuff123
Great chapter I loved it. I actually thought Hinata was about to marry Sanji. I was all like HINATA YOU BITCH! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO SASUKE. But it all worked out in the end. I remeber when I fist found this fanfic ahhh the memories I'm glad I sticked with this fanfic. I would love to see what happens at their wedding I'm all game for an epilouge.
4/10/2014 c16 Anitru
Yes... An epilogue would be the best
4/10/2014 c16 4Midnighter67
That was cute! I'd read the epiloge
4/10/2014 c16 samy.reales1
Go on please! :)
4/10/2014 c16 Shinee's Hypeman
I really enjoyed this story ! And the ending! Yay they're getting married ! I'd love to read a epilogue about the wedding _
4/10/2014 c16 2BekotaTheMonsterHuntress
Bekota: Saki shut up your too loud! I am up for one as well!
Murusaki: I should hit you right now.
Bekota: But you wont cuz ill just grab my bat.
Murusaki:*whispers* crazy ass bitch
Murusaki: Nothing!

Please make a epilogue the neding was soooooo cute! i love how their team in lion too! CHIDORI TWIN LION FIST! lol
4/10/2014 c16 Catastrophically-Me
I would so read an epilogue! I loved the story!
4/10/2014 c16 1tactics2012
I'm that reader,I live for fluff...Can I have some fluff please? I loved your story.
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