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for A Hunter's Lullaby

2/14/2016 c3 21My2BrownEyes
Welcome back to writing!
This chapter, ugh, the brothers still haven't learned this lesson. It's darned frustrating.

I like seeing this episode from the Trickster's & Bobby's point of view. And Garth in the onesie is too awesome.
11/8/2013 c2 21aLoggedInReader
Garth... Garth is Bobby's kid? Okay, that's... actually that'd even make sense in canon... but Gabriel's the "mother"? *LOL* That's awesome! Really made me laugh.

Awwww, the family that hunts together stays together *lol*
11/6/2013 c2 justsimplymeagain
First of all, I do cheat when writing a review just so you know. I read and review at the same time which helps me mention everything I was/am hoping to.

I always do enjoy reading the POV of someone in regards to hunters and the different types there are. Types that as you put it Bobby likes to help and the type he prefers to avoid if he could. Walt and Roy being two of them. Though I find it kind of funny that he's avoiding the Campbell family, though I don't blame him in regards to that because everyone who watches/reads about SPN knows what types they are.

You're making me feel bad for Bobby already, those boys should put some more effort in contacting Bobby for something else rather then information. And Bobby wants to see them more, don't blame him as far as I'm concerned the Winchester boys are as much his as they are John's because as Bobby said family doesn't end with blood. Though I have to admit that for once I like the fact that someone comes to the conclusion that Dean should respect himself more in regards to his sleeping with 'hookers' or what some would consider questionable woman.

I have to say I was thoroughly amused with the whole scene when the boys were telling Bobby what happened and seeing it in Bobby's POV. It fits so nicely with the show to the point I could probably be watching the show and reading that part it would fit seamlessly. So kudos right there :)

And it goes for the part where the three of them team up on "The Trickster" fits seamlessly with the show and it's good to read that in the POV's it was in. It made it interesting to say the least. Gave more depth to the episode.

Eric Kripke as a Go-To-Hunter lol, I like that. Bobby should take a vacation lol, the guy finishes helping the boys with their hunt and then goes right back to work lol. Though it's understandable considering he's considered to be a Go-To-Hunter himself.

Bobby waking up beside "The Trickster" was funny and it was cute when "The Trickster" was sniffing his pillow and hugging it lol. And yes I'm calling him The Trickster at the moment because right now he's not playing Gabriel, he's playing The Trickster lol.

I have to say I really enjoyed reading the reasons behind each of the targets of The Trickster, they made sense. Though the one where the Teacher beat one of his students just because she wanted to keep her baby pissed me off. Which I would imagine is what you were aiming for.

And I really enjoy the reason for The Trickster being in male form. It makes sense and fits. I also enjoyed that he came out and stated that he doesn't have a gender to begin with during the situation of 'breaking the news' to Bobby.

I was thoroughly amused with him telling Bobby about his son up until I read about him getting into a fight like his Uncle and getting kicked out of MIT for fighting like his Uncle. That right there was sobering to say the least because I know who the players are at this point (past Season 4 and 5 now).

What does the tattoo say that The Trickster has on his upper right arm?

I have to say, the lemon wasn't corny or cheesy and fit with the story so no worries there and it was comical in how Bobby was a bit demanding at times lol. The Trickster obviously didn't mind though lol.

And the meeting with Garth, bittersweet that he started it with a flamethrower and gun hidden but again Bobby's a hunter so it's natural for him. Glad that as time went on Garth and Bobby got along quite well and that Bobby wants to keep Garth around. So the verdict for Garth is a good one which is a definite positive thing.

This chapter was fun to read and I can't wait to read the third chapter. So hurry up will ya lol.
11/6/2013 c2 21My2BrownEyes
I love the use of the Supernatural episodes in this both old and new. And Mr. Fizzles! I love Mr. Fizzles. And your description of Garth and the parallels between him and the Trickster and Bobby make it so easy to accept your story as cannon. The bedroom scene started out sweet then funny than sexy. Bobby's reactions are great.
10/12/2013 c1 21aLoggedInReader
Bobby, I think after what you just did with another guy ON THE ALTAR... you don't need to worry about lying to a priest anymore. *lol*

So, this is the first Bobby/Gabriel I've ever come across... and I'm still not sure about the pairing in general... but it works here. :-)
8/31/2013 c1 13nugget-basket
I liked it! First time reading a fic involving Bobby as a main character, and I liked it, with Bobby as his usual grumpy self xD Keep going!
8/16/2013 c1 21My2BrownEyes
Sure, throw your youthful age in our faces. ;)
My very first computer was a Commodore 64, so seeing the Commodore there gave me a small thrill. Okay, now to the real review...

Very clever. I loved that you used the name Richard. Bobby was great and very believable. You brought in everyone really nicely. And the sex in the church was just kind of awesome. I'm sure Richard was beside himself with joy at the symbolism of it all.

So did they just kill an innocent man? Will there be fall out for them? Or will they live in ignorant bliss. I look forward to the next chapter.
8/15/2013 c1 justsimplymeagain
Wow... very long... lol, I love it.

Anyways, right off the bat I like how you write Pastor Jim and his phone call with Bobby. And the mentioning of Michael's spear being switched with a sign that says "I am a big bag of dicks" and then the whole thing with the bibles being swapped out for 'not so nice' books as the good Pastor said.

Love how you're setting up where and how Bobby got his skills when it comes to the whole thing where he operates the phones for hunters when they need a FBI agent or whatever and connecting it to his career in the Marines until he got honorably discharged and whatnot. And then the newspaper titles, those are so very morbid and fit very well with the Trickster you're writing for :)

I like how Bobby considered "Richard" to be too happy to be human lol. It's amusing. And definitely the sniffing was amusing. Always love it when it's mentioning Gabriel's interactions with children, I always like to picture that character as having a soft spot for them.

And it didn't take long for Rufus and Bobby to start arguing lol. And I honestly laughed at the fact the situation with Rufus having no pants and having to run back to the church... Poor Rufus lol. And then the flirting, Richard/Gabriel is certainly amusing to watch when he decides to take interest in someone lol. I like the charms Richard/Gabriel has in his truck, it's very him and done purposely no doubt.

And the 'lemons' very well done and believable considering the character's you're using. Though the scene in the church after the first instance was hilarious, boy would I have loved to see Bobby's reactions (silent as they are) in person. Poor guy's probably having a complete meltdown for a moment there lol. And then the field, lol.

Anywho, enough with my rambling. Loved the story, very well written and fun to read. Long or not it flowed beautifully. And enjoyable to read.

Can't wait to read more soon!

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