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8/19/2019 c10 18KillgarraghForever
How in Vishanti's name is this an author's note?!
8/19/2019 c9 KillgarraghForever
Ok, so Moriarty is giving Merlin some sort of drug, and they're in India? Weird! Sherlock, hurry up now!
5/11/2017 c12 1skydoe16
I loved this story, I hope that you do/did a sequel :)
2/3/2017 c12 2thescribblerdragon
Awesome au!
1/10/2017 c12 8Dossypet
Love this! It is fantastic and I was suppose to be doing math but instead read this haha so thanks. :)
4/11/2016 c12 Elemental4eva
That was just... Peachy

Interesting Story line.
6/21/2015 c12 pokemondoctorwho
Love this story all the way threw to the start and finish.
Please make a sequel.
5/21/2015 c12 4JessieKLove
You haven't written a sequel yet. I really hope you do soon xx
3/2/2015 c12 BreathingMagic
Well, I enjoyed this fic very very much! I loved they way you brought these different characters together while - in my opinion - keeping them perfectly IC. The way you got in the magic was simply brilliant and definitely unique, I love it. Nice to see Sherlock showing the slightest bits of feelings - we all know he has them, he just keeps them buried very...very...very deep. I'm gonna go and check out those sequels of yours right now! :D
3/2/2015 c9 BreathingMagic
Oh my, the 'Magic' coming to Merlin in the form of unwished for drugs from Moriarty - that is rather ingenious, if I may say so myself! :D I cannot wait to see how this turns out! Good thing I can just read on already. :)
12/3/2014 c12 ThreeGoodReasons
Good job! your first crossover was a success! I look forward to the next one!
9/8/2014 c12 3booklover181
Really cool story. Well done :)
7/6/2014 c4 Guest
but a good writer
6/20/2014 c1 5MyaLuv4ever
And I thought my family had communication problems. Mycroft and Sherlock are such assholes... and Merlin's a sweetheart. Poor Merlin.
6/16/2014 c8 Guest
My names Gemma woohoo I'm in a fanfic
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