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1/17/2021 c3 1Raise257
1/17/2021 c2 Raise257
Now I'm even more interested!
1/17/2021 c1 Raise257
I see where this is going '-'...I'm happy to see more chapters though because I'm not joking when I say "It's Interesting!"
5/30/2016 c41 Berserker0089
Great story & chapter hope you continue it soon
1/14/2015 c35 Guest
I can't help but think of Llamas with Hats 2. "That's the sound of forgiveness. Screaming, then silence." I shouldn't connect the two though. But good job. Thus is one of the most well written fanfictions I have ever read. Good plot line, and nothing seems forced. Everything's very smooth. I really like it. Keep up the good work.
8/8/2014 c41 starvingHunter
Fionna came back to life ? I hope so , :3 uhm , good work keep it up , i waiting for an update. :p
12/26/2013 c39 antoxamtl123
P.S Anthony was me.
Just made an account :P
12/26/2013 c39 Anthony
I strongly suggest you continue the story like this.
After a long while in the cold darkness. She finally has strength to open her eyes. And somewhere in the darkness. She hears "youre going to die fionna"
And it was obviously the lich. She finds her sword that Finn gave him. She tries swinging the sword right at him. But it fails. So she closes her eyes and listen to where the sound is from. As it get closer.
She finally hits something. She finally hit the lich.
He was drowning in his own blood. Then disentegrates into dark clouds ( or sand).
And with that. A white PANG wakes Fionna blinded by the light in the hospital bed with everyone.
Pb, marcy, Jake and cake, and especially Finn.
( Finn's P.O.V)
The first day I saw this girl. I knew I had now found my reason to exist. She's just so sad ... ( tears) in that little bed lifeless...
Then the heart monitor starts beating...
9/13/2013 c31 Fandom
Great story and I've had shingles twice. It hurts
8/21/2013 c38 1Warlord Prince Wolf
That's sad dude/ette
Cheer up and good luck
8/18/2013 c37 Lieutenant.General.Sora.Hikaru
-gives you a fist bump- radical story man

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