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for What was lost, is found

8/6/2014 c6 tlh45
Loved the ending...happy as it should be!
8/6/2014 c6 4IenvyBella
wow it was really nice this chapter perfect ! Loved it
8/6/2014 c6 cornish pasties
I am so glad you put an end to this fantastic story, I did wonder if you would ever finish it. As for a new story, I will be looking out for one from you, as for a plot line ? how about - while the team are probing into a crime Mac is kidnapped along with Flack and taken to a forested area to be hunted as a form of payback - ( many old enemies of his even from his Marine days), Clues are sent to the team so that they get there just in time to also be hunted, however when they all meet in the woods Mac manages to turn the tables ... you could also include NCIS in this one if you wanted as they do have satellite's they can use to track heat sources and do help out the FBI now and again which would be a nice tie in with Jo's past job as well , plus they ( NCIS ) help out Marines and Mac was one wasn't he !. Anyhow, hope this will give you an idea , I write story's too and am working on one now but do not put them onto FF...
5/21/2014 c5 Angel of my
Love it can't wait for the next chapter
2/15/2014 c5 Guest
Great story you gonna tell us what happens next to mac plz plz
2/15/2014 c5 tlh45
Two shots rang out? I'm sure Mac has a bullet proof vest on...I hope he does and I hope who ever shot Demitri, at least I assume someone shot him too, that they hit him between the eyes. Would serve him right. Looking forward to a happy ending.
2/14/2014 c5 cornish pasties
awaiting the next chapter , well done, so far so good.
2/14/2014 c5 1RedRangerBelt
That was cool. Is the whole thing with Demetri going to be over with once and for all after this? Who fired the shots, and is Mac okay? Will he, Claire, and the twins be able to live happily ever after once this is over?
11/4/2013 c4 tlh45
Oh no...Mac got his butt whumped on...wondering what's going to happen to him when he isn't there to give their "pet" back. I would wonder if they don't try and take Mac and see if Claire trades herself to keep him safe? Hope to have a happy ending...but love the Mac danger before that happens! Waiting for the next chapter!
9/19/2013 c3 RedRangerBelt
That was cool, especially the part where Mac built a fort with the twins on the floor. And when did your term start, if you're already having end of term tests? Mine started less than a month ago and doesn't end until December. Anyway, what's up with the two men who want Claire back, are they part of the human trafficking ring Mac rescued her and Llewy and Annie from? Do they have any clue that they're about to walk into a room full of cops, none of whom are about to hand Claire over to them? Has Mac told Claire that he met Reed and has come to be a sort of father figure to him?
9/19/2013 c3 Guest
Awesome story how long till the next chapter? Can't wait plz plz update soon
9/19/2013 c3 tlh45
I love the idea of building the fort...I remember doing that with my kids when they were little. Sounds like some danger is coming and I'm looking forward to that. Hurry back with the next chapter.
9/5/2013 c2 RedRangerBelt
This is awesome. It's a really intriguing idea. What happens to Mac, Claire, Reed, and the twins now? How old are the twins, about twelve or so? Were they born not much after 9/11 happened, hence why Mac never knew that he and Claire did conceive children, twins in fact?
8/23/2013 c2 cornish pasties
I truly hope you continue with this one, I love it, such a heart warming story so far, but I keep thinking that there will be a twist somewhere in the future of it, ...bloody great, and yes , as I have asked before , please keep going..
8/22/2013 c2 tlh45
Glad Mac is together again with Claire. So much you could do with this story if you choose to continue it. I'll still be reading...especially if there is trouble for Mac involved.
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