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9/29/2017 c3 leonsoryux25
kat x talon
this is nice
9/29/2017 c2 leonsoryux25
yeppp kat x garen is so eww how do people even came up with that
9/28/2017 c11 Guest
Weird pairing but wahey its good
Jhin x jinx plz
7/13/2017 c11 Nuuhku30
First of all Ashe lives in a cold place And The sun is not giving so much light And secondly (propably spelled that wrong) you should Make Cassiopeia fanfic again seen as she has golden armor or stuff just on top of snake tail section you don't know what's behind it :-P
6/11/2017 c1 Guest
I LOVE these chapters! They're so amazing and I'm so sad that I'm around 3-4 years late to the party! I'd love to see some more chapters with different pairings like Varus x Zyra, Pantheon x Leona, Jayce x Vi, Sejuani x Darius. Just to give a few. :D I also like how these chapters actually have stories with them and they're not just brainless sex scenes.
5/29/2017 c12 Guest
Pls do mf and ezreal
5/29/2017 c12 Guest
Pls do miss fortune and ezreal
5/24/2017 c7 swain main
Swain has two legs, not one.
3/3/2017 c3 Guest
Talon x Ahri plz
2/24/2017 c4 Guest
This story was great it wasn't all over the place and had a great writing detail if I had to rate it, it should be a five out of five
2/24/2017 c15 Guest
Can you make Talon x Ahri lemon?
2/23/2017 c8 Guest
I came two times
12/16/2016 c1 Guest
12/14/2016 c15 Sonalys Ashelol
Hey SecretPie,
Could you write another sequel to this, preferably on Miss Fortune's ship. That would be really nice. Also could you do one between MF, Sona, and Ahri? (I know it's a weird pairing, but still.)
Your fan,
Sonalys Ashelol
12/14/2016 c11 2ironboy32
just read Ashe x nasus...not sure if bestiality or actually legit
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