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for The Yellow Book Of LoL Lemons

6/28/2016 c15 Guest
My man, I read all of this and your other fanfic. Pretty dank. Just letting you know you got a thumbs up from me on both. Good luck on any more you write, as i enjoyed myself in more than one way reading them ;). if you still play, hit me up. -shadowstalker124 (mabey with a capital first 's', idk, i made the account before i cemented my gamertag)
6/27/2016 c15 Yahtoula
I really do like thw rok you do, so it is always interesting to see what you have in story with each new chapter

I would really like you to repeat chapter 14. Mostly because of two reasons. One being that Riven and Yasou are my favorite pairing, just straight up. Another is that I would like to see where they would go after that, since you seemed to make that the beginning of a very interesting relationship.

Also, this one is a bit of a request. The newest Champion, Taliyah, actually has a crush on Ekko. I think that is adorable, so, could you maybe do a chapter with them? Please? :D
6/25/2016 c15 1diabolo5390
Yo do chapter 11 please :D i fucking love this series! Keep it up man. 3
6/25/2016 c15 Victoria
Yo this was cool, i just wanted know if u were planning on doing some female pairings too? id love to read those
6/20/2016 c1 CreativeTheories
Btw, you could make a Follow Up about; Sona x Ezreal? :D
Or another girl?
6/20/2016 c15 Guest
If you will make a Ekko & Lux, and then, make Ezreal x another girl(Syndra? Irelia? Ahri? Vi?).
To give a logical balance, you know.
6/18/2016 c15 Awesomegurl5450
Well this was just, woah. This was great! Could you write a human au of Lamb x Wolf? I see them as lovers more than anything.
6/12/2016 c15 A unicorn
Awesome chapter! Well written, and didn't drag on for so long (I thought that the foreplay of Riven-Yasuo was alittle long, but that's just me).

How about you revisit Cassiopeia, or Elise? If you're into futa, would be fun to have Elise impregnating X champion and making them an eggsack.

Always love your stories C:
6/10/2016 c15 Cord
Damn right, these series are good! But as the previous commenting guy said, perhaps some gangbang story featuring innocent champion like Leona, Karma, Ashe or Irelia?
6/9/2016 c15 4Jerklin Kommedy
Nice series. Overly well-written, though with a room for improvement. Smutty scenes and dialogs are pretty good, but descriptions of surroundings and could use a little polishing.
Well, I kind find myself at loss of words when I have no bucket of sh1t to unload on authors head... Want so say something nice and encouraging without being to cliché.
And… A little question/request from me. What do you think about writing some hardcore gangbang scenes? Given a way thing are progressing in your fics, MF could be up for a round of really serious action.
6/9/2016 c13 Guest
R63 Talon x Zed? Would be interesting imo.
6/9/2016 c1 Im bored
Would be nice if you could do a quinnxtalon...umm rivals?
6/9/2016 c13 NightlyShark
If you wanted to go back to any chapter, 2, 9 and 12 would be awesome in my opinion
6/9/2016 c15 readddddd
Going back to chapter 11 sounds good.
6/9/2016 c15 V
Personal oponion incoming.
For some reason I would've enjoyed it if Lux was standing at one of the windows and again cursing her ... flatness? I don't know how to properly express it. Would add a lot of humor in yer stuff
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