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for Secrets Aren't Meant to be Kept

10/2 c45 2Nightraethingzz
he called her is future wifeee !
9/20 c45 aniraie
Please please please update this! I haven’t read a robrae fic in so long and this just made me go back to obsessing over these two ️️️ Love the whole plot and the fluff scenes are just incredible they really make me squeal like a 12 year old girl I can’t wait to read the rest!
9/10 c45 10Penny1990
Glad this is back! Can’t wait to see how you tackle starfire finding out
9/10 c45 Guest
Oh no, Star doesn’t know yet? Yikes, Nightwing has some explaining to do.
9/10 c45 itsnightwingbitch
Oh, dear. "My future wife..." that's what I like! They deserve to be together, please don't let Starfire tear them apart; please, please, please, don't break our heart! (lol) Thank u, love it, keep going.
8/23 c44 CLJuliag
I want to know more about Raven and Slade ! I can't wait
8/12 c43 jltvaughn
Definitely great moments between Dick and Raven! You are going .my soul with Starfire. Uhhhhg. Things are going to get real angsty. I dunno if I'm ready... Seriously though, another great chapter!
8/8 c42 jltvaughn
I loved this chapter. It was exciting and I am still so baffled about the Slade / Raven thing. I am dying to know what happened and I am dying to know how Nightwing knows and I want to know what he knows. I really like that Retra and Raven are being kinder to each other. I would love for them to mend fences. There interactions in this chapter were really nice and I would love to see more. I am excited to see Starfire but now you have me super nervous she will interfere with Raven and Nightwing and God I don't want that to happen. Raven and Dick's bond is so deep and he said he loved her more than anyone. I hope you show more of that love because I love the way you write them together. They are so amazing together, please don't break my heart!
7/25 c40 itsnightwingbitch
Awesome! I love it! Update soon please
7/21 c39 jltvaughn
I am still loving this story but you are making me so nervous about all these secrets Raven is keeping. Also, I really don't want this to end soon . Whatever happens I hope Raven and Nightwing find happiness with each other in the end. Raven rarely gets happy endings and I think she deserves one with Dick! Well, that's my hope anyway, it's your story after all. Great chapter, Rose was a fun addition.
7/21 c39 Mal
I was so excited to see your updates! I’m loving where the story is going, and I hope gar doesn’t unintentionally hurt willow.
7/21 c39 Penny1990
Ugh I’m in love with this story
7/20 c36 bryanftw1
I'm pissed off that this Story has such little Favorites when it's one of the better RobRae stories on this website. I love it, please keep it going!
7/11 c37 3Crosheo
How can someone write such a complete chapter and then always leave you on a cliff hanger that doesn't feel overbearing?
Damn this is a good story.
7/1 c35 1Paia1240
I can’t belive I hadn’t read this before! Just spent two days trying to work while reading your story! I think it’s wonderfully written and more accurate with the comics and their personalities. Loved it and can’t wait for another chapter!
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