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for The First Namikaze

7/10 c3 5Epyon619
It was a great chapter that had a little bit of action, drama, some funny scenes, and suspense. im not going to lie the shadow figure sounded like they know his true origins for some reason. possibly could be some Nara's.
7/10 c2 Epyon619
another good chater written. good introduction of the new characters. i got a good chuckle from it.
7/10 c1 Epyon619
just listen to your story, and i have to say it was well written. Your approach to the time travel was interesting.
3/31 c28 JEAN PAUL
un favor sigue continuando con la teoria es muy buena para que lo canceles porfavor continualo :c
2/9 c28 HalfBlood Prince
WHY ! Why does it stop here when “Yami’s” identity is still unknown or when Naruto regains his memories? This is in the Top 5 of the best time travel fics, if I had to complain about something it would be the lack of Lemon scenes only in chapters 6 and 11, or not including enough of the succubus woman known as “beauty” in addition to the lack descendants that Naruto had despite having two wives. :C
7/23/2023 c4 OtsutsukiRaven666
I hope you come back soon and update, this story is too good to give up on, very much a joy to read.
5/4/2023 c2 Guest
I thought the Shadow Clone Jutsu was made by Tobirama, who is only a child here
4/20/2023 c3 SumWon
This isn't a Naruto story, it's an OC story using Naruto's name.
3/4/2023 c28 EVIL-SAGE
great story I really enjoyed reading it. One of the best timetravel and naruto to the warring Era fics I have read. such a fun read, will come back again
11/24/2022 c7 vulcanhajin

love the story so far

but the time skips were kinda low quality writing

gl hope the best
11/22/2022 c28 Anubisss32
why the hell did u stopped this story
10/16/2022 c24 leonardmosca08
Out of curiosity is one another's grandchildren a Minato I'll be honest if you did that I would say that's original and deeply disturbing but original and if not I have to say what you added on to this is rather impressive I mean it this is actually very nice this is what I was hoping you do for the final half I'm glad you're doing good I know I haven't contacted you in a while but you've done a very good job at the story and for that I thank you I wish you the best on your future fanfiction endeavors or life's endeavors whatever they may be and stay safe and it's crazy and turbulent time as I said before this site could use more writers like you there are quite a few good writers on this site that provide prove that fanfiction writers are decent individual who have talent I wish you the best and thank you again and my cat says mew which translate is good luck
10/11/2022 c28 2D-Trinx
This is an amazing story so i highly recommended that you read, unfortunately it is not complete, but it is perfect if you want to read a fanfic about the times of Hashiram and Madara and not just the normal timeline all the time. Great job author, i just wish you would come back and complete this mastermind of a story
8/16/2022 c17 2Tenkoraaa
Madara is baccccccc
8/16/2022 c14 Tenkoraaa
LoL the punishment
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