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5/31/2021 c1 TheUnknowableOne
Diana? You do know that her name is Dana, right?
4/12/2021 c1 11pogger
whos diana lmao
2/25/2021 c3 Te Amohaere Peri
This is fucking trash
9/2/2020 c4 Guest
Please come back to this and update
10/10/2019 c4 Guest
Please update soon.
9/22/2019 c4 VladimirWesker
prototype 2 never happened
ok pal it happened, update now?
7/8/2019 c4 Guest
This is an amazing story so far, I hope you haven’t stopped and look forward to you possibly returning to the story.
1/21/2019 c4 1huongdaoroma
Why'd you stop? And one chapter a year... You missed two deadlines btw
2/19/2018 c1 1Vlad the Impaler the 21st
There is not better summary for Alex Mercer. I hope they will use that quote in Prototype 3
2/11/2018 c1 D3F4LT
please try and continue
9/7/2017 c4 Guest
This is amazing keep it up Please.
5/21/2017 c4 Uknowndeath 2565
I hope you continue this awesome story and this is a small request could you have Alex quote Legion from the Bible that would make his debut in a major fight/meeting badass.
12/18/2016 c3 i like cheese
well, it's an interesting idea, alex in HSDxD.
execution is pretty flimsy though.
right off the bat, it'd be extremely easy for anybody to find out that Dana only had one brother named Alex, not John. even still, he seems to have used specific references of Alex's past life in his current life, that would only pass in the most lax of hiring processes.
actually, it's kinda likely that Dana would be under periodic observation by blackwatch, if only to make sure she keeps her mouth shut.

how is alex not aware that some of his cells were stolen when on the airplane you specifically mentioned they were like eyeball sensors to him. consistency.

your HSDxD lore is off by a lot, but that can be somewhat forgiven due to timing, if that's what it was.
11/6/2016 c4 Nolifeking222
really wish u would continue writing this
11/3/2016 c4 Artikuno
1 update every year?
You have got to be kidding me
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