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2/11/2015 c3 Thao
Blair is a totally bitch, but somehow this suit her well. Well done beri! I really want to kick souls ass, why was he a chicken and didnt confess his feelings for maka! Mega uncool of him!
12/23/2013 c1 Skippy-Friendly-Banshee
Dayum Kid! I love when authors have the character that may, or may not be gay. They always do such a kick-ass job on that character and make me stat laughing hysterically. Awesome story so far!
11/23/2013 c3 Guest
Is Kid gay?
11/13/2013 c11 Liz6t33n
( cries in sleep) DX
11/11/2013 c11 jade
11/11/2013 c11 3LadyKoikie
Daawwww dat fluff! So cute!
And hmmm why not song inspired stories to help u get out of writers block? That's what I do :3
11/11/2013 c11 mckayla.crosswell
im in love with this story you did a great job
11/11/2013 c11 4Anime-tv-manga-books
ok it was ok but i do understand the writers block thing
11/11/2013 c11 brainsoverbeauty98
11/11/2013 c11 6Robastar34
Wow, it was great. I can't wait until your next story :D
10/20/2013 c10 Guest
Your write a story is a story but really that short -_- at least 1000 words would have been better X3
10/20/2013 c10 4Anime-tv-manga-books
Ok really good story cant wait till next chap
10/20/2013 c10 brainsoverbeauty98
10/20/2013 c10 1SnowTamashi Ai
Yay another update
9/28/2013 c9 Guest
Oh shit thing just got real with soul and that snot nose brat.
What happens next?
What does maka do to Liz?
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