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8/25/2013 c5 3LadyKoikie
Yaaay kid is gay n femmy! :D
I love him like dis!
Love your stories :D

I hope blair gets pushed out a window '3'
8/25/2013 c5 Liz-Rainrunner
OMG I want to know what happens next plz XD
8/25/2013 c5 brainsoverbeauty98
8/25/2013 c5 1SnowTamashi Ai
Lol i would make blair so jealous andembarrassed in the next chapter she just flips out
8/25/2013 c5 MariaKiryu88
I want to see a fight to the death for Soul between Maka and Blair! (Well maybe not...) anyway I love the update soon
8/25/2013 c5 1112Black Paper Moon2111
HAHAHA! Busted! Blair's gonna be pissed! XP
8/25/2013 c5 Cherryberry998
Well... no lemons is suckish...but I love this story! c; and sasseh Kid makes everything magical
8/24/2013 c4 Cherryberry998
DAWW This just makes my SoMa addiction go crazy .-.
8/23/2013 c4 3LadyKoikie
Congrats on ur sleep over!

And love the story x3 kyaaaah :D so cute but uuuggghhh I haaatteee wes in this story! N blair!
8/23/2013 c4 1SnowTamashi Ai
Lol great chapter
8/23/2013 c4 Liz-Rainrunner
Awwwww what will happen next XD
8/21/2013 c3 Poop
Pease write soon and can u make soul jealous of Maka please
8/23/2013 c4 6Blurryfaced-Headcase
Bahhhhhhhh, why would you do this to us?! Uhhhhhhhhhhhh *Walrus giving birth noises*
8/23/2013 c4 brainsoverbeauty98
8/23/2013 c4 skeletalfox
how dare u do this to one of ur loyalest followers crawl witch

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